The Reviews of Top Mobile App Development Courses on Udemy

Top Mobile App Development Courses on Udemy

Are you looking for the Top Mobile App Development Courses on Udemy? You are at the right place.

Globally, there is an up-rise in the use of mobile phones and digital devices. Therefore, creating an increase in the number of apps used on mobile devices.

Mobile app development is an act. A process whereby mobile applications are developed for smartphones. 

Most of these apps many times do come pre-installed on these mobile phones during production processes or provided as web applications to be installed by users.

However, developing applications for mobile phones and digital devices like laptops can be quite technical though can prove to be a profitable career to venture into. 

Moreover, you can learn more about app development concepts on Udemy which is an online learning and teaching platform with lots of lessons on different disciplines.

But still, here are our top mobile app development courses for Udemy deem fit to learn.

List of 6 Top Mobile App Development Courses On Udemy 

In this list, we bring to you app development courses you can mostly find on Udemy and are very efficient, effective, and productive to learn.

They are curated by veteran developers who are very proficient in other technical aspects of developing and have a wide range of knowledge regarding programming.

Below are our top six:

1. The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

Easy To Learn Mobile App Development Courses

Curated by Rob Percival, the developer course 2.0 features eight language subtitles and a 308 lecture to be learned. You can learn more also on CSS 3, HTML5, PHP, jQuery, Javascript, MySQL, APIs, Bootstrap 4, and WordPress.

This program is divided into 15 sections which are full of value and video duration of 30h 38m in total. This is a  high-end course we can recommend for you if you are aspiring to create a career in-app and web development. 

Rob Percival is an expert on this and is the creator of bestselling and highest-rated programming lessons on Udemy.

This course is created for anyone who wants to build income-earning websites and powerful apps, learn how to code, be financially independent, or to become a freelancer.

Opting in for this course will give you access to Rob, a friendly and informal society that supports you in every step you take.

Also, you’ll have lifetime access to specific course materials, free web hosting for a year, and also ebooks to show you how to start earning whenever you are done learning.

What You Will Learn:

  • Develop websites, web apps, and HTML-based mobile applications.
  • Learn concepts of becoming a junior web developer or a freelancer.
  • Build your own online business while becoming a satisfied front-end developer.
  • Be a specialist with server-side languages and databases.

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2. The Complete Android N Developer Course

Best Android Development Courses On Udemy

This particular program features a 32 hours on-demand video where you will be taken on a tour of the nitty-gritty of android app development.

Created by Marc Stock and Rob Percival, this program promise to be a very effective course that deals with Android studio, Java Deep dive, Maps and Geolocation, Instagram and Uber Clone, etc all laid out in comprehensive terms.

It also features available 106 articles, 272 lectures, 47 downloadable resources, full lifetime access, and issuance of a certificate of completion when done learning.

More like other programs on Udemy, it offers a 30-day money-back system in case you don’t get the much-needed value.

However, this one compiled by two great experts, a web developer, and the other a mobile game app designer promises to be very useful and effective on the learning of programming mobile applications.

What You Will Learn:

  • Build any Android app of your choice (your imagination is your only limit).
  • Learn how to develop and submit apps to Google Play Store to generate revenue with Google Ads and Pay.
  • Learn, work from anywhere in the world by becoming an expert in app development, or become a freelancer.
  • Become a proficient Android developer.

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3. The Complete Android 10 & Kotlin Development

Udemy Masterclass for App Developer

This one was created to help you in getting ready to use android studio, Kotlin basics, and how to use UI, and also learning XML. 

This complete course is curated to help those who are with no programming experience but want to get started, those who don’t want to waste time developing and are eager to learn more. This program is very much recommended for you to learn. 

The only requirement to study this course is a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer system since it does not involve any programming to learn the required.

What You Will Learn:

  • Develop android apps for your portfolio. You can apply as a junior android developer in companies.
  • Work as an android app developer anywhere or as a freelancer anywhere in the world.
  • Learn how to submit and publish apps on Google Play Store and generate income.
  • How to be able to develop cloud apps with Good Firebase.
  • Learn and be confident using Kotlin and programming comprehensively.

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4. The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course

Udemy Courses For Learning Android App Development

With over sixty thousand students that have taken this course, this program proves to be one of the most recommendable projects to learn if you are into mobile app development.

This one created and co-produced by Rob Percival and Nick Walter, stars course content like the learning of Instagram clone, permanent data storage, and Bluetooth app and how they function.

This program is divided into 23 sections and has a total video length of 37h 34m in total.

What You Will Learn: 

  • Know how to code and build apps using Java.
  • Learn and understand all new components to Android Oreo, like downloadable fonts virtual reality with a daydream, picture-in-picture, and also adaptive icons.
  • Learn Augmented Reality with ARCore section. Know how to mix the physical and digital world using the user’s camera.
  • Understand important skills like game development, sending users notifications, and Bluetooth.

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5. The Complete Android & Java Developer Course

Java Courses For Android Developer on Udemy

For just a budget-friendly amount, opting in for this course will take you through learning android development, Java, and Android studio from scratch. 

You will also be guided on how to work with APIs, Java advanced fundamentals, android app development tools, and a whole host of others.

This program is curated by Paul Dichone who is an android, java, and flutter developer. Also, it is produced with three language subtitles to help students relate better with lessons.

What You Will Learn: 

  • Understand Java, Android development, and Android studio from scratch.
  • Build engaging, fun, and real Android apps using Java.
  • Understand how to work with APIs, advanced databases, and web services.
  • Go through the Visual training method that offers users accelerated learning and improved retention.
  • Get all tools needed to successfully design, program, and sell your Android apps.
  • Learning this program breaks the most sophisticated application into easy to comprehend steps.
  • Develop a diary app, temperature convertor app, mood scanner app, and much more.
  • Develop twenty-one Java and Android apps from scratch.

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6. The Complete Android Developer Course 

Android Development Courses On Udemy for Beginners

Developed by Joe Parys and Ashutosh Pawar, the complete android developer course is divided into 29 sections, 144 lectures summing up to a total of 17h 18m video length.

Going through this course, you will be taught Android basics, activities and states, widgets, pixels and layouts, event handling, and threads. These are a few of the lessons to be learned.

This course is basically for any students wanting to know more about developing android apps, those with basic knowledge of Java and want to develop apps, and also those who need a crucial intro to game development making use of programs like Libgdx.

What You Will Learn:  

  • Learn the fundamentals and techniques of creating apps.
  • Understand how to make use of databases from Android apps.
  • Install self-developed apps on Android devices.
  • Know-how games are programmed in Android using Libgdx.
  • Know how to build user interfaces for Android applications.

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If you are looking to learn more about mobile app development, here are our top picks to check out.

Mind you whenever picking a course, do always ensure it is affordable, easy to comprehend depending on your level of expertise, and don’t always forget to check these program’s ratings and reviews.

These are cogent factors to always factor in.

Do you have any other suggestions on Top Mobile App Development Courses on Udemy can find on Udemy, then kindly make use of the comment box for your recommendations?

Written by Wayne K

Wayne K is an educator, freelance content writer that has worked with more than 3 educations blogs. He believes that students, parents needed access to credible information, and he uses the internet to share them.

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