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Tips on Visiting Sweden

When making a trip it’s important you get information to help make your trip blissful. These tips about Sweden will help you get grasps of this captivating country. Some of the recommendations are more serious than others, but in all we are looking forward to you having great fun.

Let’s take a look into some of the traits and a couple of a few unique customs you’d encounter while in Sweden.

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A Credit Card

No surprise here, right? Swedes is considered the most ‘cashless’ society in the world, as such, spends significantly more through credit and debit cards. It’s important you have a bank card in order not to struggle. Buying tickets can be a longer experience, finding an ATM machine can be a bothersome, and some restaurants simply won’t accept cash.

Queuing System

Queuing is one of the trademarks of a civilized society. In Sweden, be sure to find long orderly lines throughout the country. It could be at the train station, bakery, or even at the supermarket. In formal places like the hospitals and banks, it’s expected that you take a ticket and wait your number to be called. This way you can sit back and relax while you wait.

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Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is easy to find anywhere you are in Sweden, from the station to your neighbor’s coffee shop, finding a fast and stable internet connection is pretty much guaranteed. And what’s more interesting is that you don’t necessarily need a SIM card.

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Long Walks

Nature is a big part of life, so why not enjoy it by taking long walks? Of course, there are public transport you could take, but to have an amazing time I’ll recommend you keep your feet on the ground and walk from place to place. Just remember to pack a pair of comfy shoes.

Diet? No Way.

The people of Sweden love their pastries. When visiting you would have to forego your diet plans and enjoy its amazing baked goodies. The most famous pastry is probably kanelbullar, a type of cinnamon bun coated in hard sugar… yummy! Wouldn’t you love to taste that?

No Litter

I hope the habit of not littering is firmly practiced by you all, but if not, start practicing now or you are liable to get ridiculed and fined 800kr if caught. Do your bit and keep your trash in your pocket/bag until you can find a bin.

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Pack for all Seasons

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail, so the saying goes. Depending on where you decide to visit, it’s important your pack up for all seasons for its weather is unpredictable. There are times

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