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7 International Travels Issues You’re Likely To Face This Holiday Season

The festive period is here again and it isn’t too early to start planning your travels for the upcoming holiday season.
Most people, when they think about Thanksgiving and Christmas, may try to avoid travel, stay away from destinations with high coronavirus transmission rates, wear a mask and practice social distancing.
Speaking of covid-19, below are some of the international travel issues you may likely need to put in check before traveling:

  1. An emphasis on local destinations

Due to the coronavirus testing and restrictions, international travel will be difficult as a result of financial concerns. If you are not financially buoyant for international travel but still want to travel for the holiday then it’s wouldn’t be a bad idea to travel to the local destination as may save the cost of traveling internationally.

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2. Increase in COVID-19 safety and cleanliness demand from consumers
We are all aware of how covid-19 has been a threat worldwide and as such many people have gotten anxious to leave their home town. Just as Rajeev Shrivastava, chief executive of the travel insurance marketplace VisitorsCoverage says “The smartest traveler is one who stays current with the ever-changing list of health and safety regulations and is prepared to manage travel risks and uncertainties,” preparation will be more critical than ever.
The high cost of covid-19 medical expenses as passengers are being charged during their trip and as a result, causing travelers by bus to increase.

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3. Covid-19 protocols
Covid-19 protocols involve social distancing, wearing of a disturbing nose mask, and covid-19 check-ups and as such making traveling less fun and inconvenient for travelers. Gunzenhauser, the Ohio State safety officer, is keeping an eye on travel protocols, too.
He and his wife are vaccinated, and he’s hoping his kids, aged 5 and 8, can get their shots before their planned Thanksgiving trip.
They’ll be flying to Las Vegas, renting a car, and touring several national parks, including Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, and Zion. This means more flight delays, cancellations, and long layovers.

4. Financial issues
As Christmas is approaching, many expenses are coming up which include covid-19 medical expenses which cost about 128 USDT.
“Right now, flight prices for the holiday travel season are up across the board compared to both 2019 and 2020,” says Giorgos Zacharia, Kayak’s president.

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5. Kidnapping
The kidnapping rate has increased drastically this period for travelers, as the kidnappers use this medium to make money, endangering lives. Fear of travel is not a covered policy reason, so being able to cancel a trip at the last minute if you decide you don’t feel safe traveling for the holidays is worth the extra money.

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6. Health issues
‘Health is wealth’, they say. If you find out that you are having complications in your health, it’s better to cancel the trip. Holiday travel can cause a lot of stress. Christina Steinorth-Powell, a psychotherapist based in Nashville, says there are ways to manage the anxiety that comes with uncertainty.

7. Planning
As health is important so also is planning important, and lack of it may cause uncertainties. Careful planning can take some of the edges off an upcoming trip. Christiana starts by making a list two weeks before her vacation that includes all the essentials: masks, antibacterial wipes, disinfectants, test kits, and proof of vaccination. “When you make a list early, you’re less stressed and worried about your trip and in a better frame of mind,” she says.
And that’s the thing about traveling during the holiday season. Plans are subject to change if the unforeseen happens, and it just might.

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Putting all of these into consideration will help reduce anxiety in the travel experience. Christmas is indeed great when adequate plans are made.

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