5 Recommended Books To Read For Post UTME

Recommended Books To Read For Post UTME

Are you looking to get recommended books to read for Post UTME but feel overwhelmed by the number of books available? Keep reading.

Running a search or asking people for recommendations on social media platforms, you’ll receive hundreds of suggestions.

With hundreds of suggestions, it’ll be not very clear to choose what you need.

Now, I’ll level with you: there’s no such thing as a definitive list of the best books to read for Post UTME in Nigeria. They are subjective.

For that reason, the ones below are responses to what we’ve collated from students who gained admission into different universities across the country.

Let’s kick things off and note that you might have read or heard some of the tips recommended.

5 Recommended Books To Read For Post UTME

#1. Text Books

Textbooks to read for post UTME

Reading textbooks is one of the most recommended tips on how to pass UI Post UTME, with other universities. Besides increasing the student’s scope of subjects, it helps the applicant of universities without specific past questions prepare well.

It’s also the ”main” thing when it comes to books to read for Uniben Post UTME. However, textbooks used by various institutions differ, which can cause some irregularities.

But in our subsequent post on LearnCora, each university and textbooks would be discussed.


#2. Past Questions

Past Questions To Read For Post Utme in Nigeria

The preparation for Post UTME using past questions has a lot of benefits. Compared to textbooks, it’s cheap to get and has more reliability.

For example, with past questions for Post UTME, you can:

  • Have insights on the questions the school might ask you.
  • Get used to the exam modality.
  • Test your capability to know your weakness.

Also, it is mobile, meaning that you can practice anywhere, anytime, at your own pace.

#3. Current Affairs

Current Affairs To Read for Post Utme in Nigeria


If you have updated current affairs books, read them. But it would be best if you did not focus on passing Post UTME with that. Only a few schools in Nigeria, either private, federal, or state, uses them.

#4. O, Level Notes

O Level notes to read for Post UTME

Reading notes isn’t recommendable but would help refresh what you’ve read, mostly if you’ve completed your secondary education long ago.

Reading your secondary school note does not guarantee you’ll pass the exam. However, it would give you an edge to go deeper into the topics.

#5. Books On Test Of English

Test of English for post UTME

It would be best if you read up on this also. A lot of universities and polytechnics in Nigeria pick questions from different books on the test of English. So, it would help if you were well prepared to answer at least ten questions. However, in most cases, the majority of the questions come from this section.

Tips on Crushing Post UTME In Nigeria

Honestly, it takes a lot of preparation to pass UTME in Nigeria. Especially that of competitive universities in Nigeria.

It should not dissuade you from preparing with the tips below. With proper implementation and consistency, you’ll have the edge over other candidates that prepared lesser.

  • Make sure you read all the syllabus for the basic subjects.
  • Read and study patterns used in past questions.
  • Evaluate your performance by practicing your past questions.
  • Attend extramural classes
  • Stay healthy
  • Eat well
  • Study in group
  • Limit your time on social media

Read All The Syllabus For The Basic Subjects

Reading all the syllabus for the necessary subjects is never a waste of time. Instead of regretting not doing so in the exam hall, it is better to prepare for whatever might get asked. When you read all the syllabus, you have a better chance of covering possible questions that might get asked.

However, doing this requires the use of instinct. Reading syllabus does not mean you should read everything blue blank, ask questions from those who have done the exam, then read on likely topics that might get repeated.

Read and Study How The School Set Questions

Studying past questions is another way to prepare for Post UTME in Nigeria. With your past questions, you can deduce and adapt to the pattern used in setting questions.

At first, it might be challenging to do, but with the time you will get adapted to it that you will be able to answer questions without looking at the options provided.

Evaluate Your Performance

Don’t wait until your level of preparedness gets evaluated in the examination hall. There are free and paid Post UTME software that can be used for this purpose. Also, you can make use of the crude method of answering questions on paper and then score yourself after each exercise.

Another method of doing this is by asking a friend to ask you questions on a particular topic and subject. This method seems to work well for those who find it difficult to read alone. Such a friend serves as an accountability partner.

Attend Extramural Lessons

To succeed in your quest for admission into any higher institutions of learning in Nigeria, you must be ready to go the extra mile. Find a comfortable and conducive educational center to attend.

It would help you learn from others and possibly meet friends that might become part of you in life.

Stay Healthy

Preparing for Post UTME in Nigeria does not mean you should deprive yourself of good health. With proper plans and implementations, you can read well for your Post UTME and still stay healthy.

Reading overnight does not have to be an everyday thing. Create a reading plan that gives you time to relax and stay away from fatigue and stress.

Study In Group

Look for people who are good at topics and subjects you have problems with. Create a timetable where the group members would brainstorm on different issues and share ideas.

Eat Well

Not eating well is another trait of many students. During this period, make sure you eat healthy food as much as possible. Eat food that will boost your immune system and avoid eating junk.

Limit Your Time On Social Media

It is the technology era, and you need to catch up with the latest trends. But what about you limit the hours you spent chatting with friends and families? And if you make use of the internet to learn, you should focus on joining educational groups and download apps that will contribute to passing your coming Post UTME examination. Check out Online Learning Platforms In Nigeria.


We’ve just covered the basics of recommended books to read for Post UTME. In our subsequent post, we’ll be looking into different universities in Nigeria and books to read for their Post UTME.

Where to go from here? It is recommended that you decide the university of your choice and check our online store for past questions.

If you could not find it, send a message to us through the contact form or WhatsApp button display on the screen to request one.

Hopefully, this post gives you enough insight on what you need to prepare for your Post UTME as well as actionable tips on how to get started for the exam. We’d love to hear from you and, how you progress from here on out.

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