Best Online Colleges for History Degree

Online Colleges for History Degree

Are you a student looking for a reputable online college to obtain a history degree? Do you want to run an online bachelor’s history degree in a top-notch world university? If yes, I will advise you to carefully review this article as I explore the best online colleges for history degree.


Is History Degree Beneficial?

Yes, a History degree is not only one of the most needed courses relevant for problem-solving in leadership and business. It is one of the most sought out-after degrees. As a history graduate, you can function in various positions and different categories.

Some of the positions you can work in as a history graduate include:

  • Social Researcher
  • Academic librarian.
  • Broadcast journalist/orator
  • Human resources officer
  • Editorial assistant
  • Teacher
  • Civil Service administrator
  • Political Intelligence/Researcher
  • Information officer


 What is the Importance of a History Degree?

The reasons below show how important the degree you are going for is and how it will help you function in the above positions.

  1. History can help you make better-informed decisions:

Through history, you understand the basics of societal living as a collective group. You understand what makes society what it is, what constitutes it, and the reasons it is what it is today. With this knowledge, you can make good decisions without repeating the mistakes of the past. As an individual who wants to go into leadership, whether political, business, or religious, you must understand history.

  1. Personal Growth and Appreciation

Through history, you understand past events and their impact on the world today. This can build your empathy and understanding for different people whose history may be different from the mainstream. You will also understand the suffering, joy, decisions, and chaos that impacted the present happenings. This will help you to be more emphatic and appreciative. This helps you to relate to people more properly.

  1. Gaining a Job/Career through History

The knowledge and skills that you acquire through learning history, such as critical thinking, research, dissecting information, etc., are all relevant skills employers seek. Many employers see these skills as assets in their employees and hire those with history degrees to function in various roles and industries. The kinds of jobs or careers you can pursue as a history graduate are listed above.

Now, straight to the main theme of this post.

Top Online Colleges for History Degrees

  1. Ottawa University

Ottawa University, in addition to its offline classes, provides online history classes. You can earn a Bachelor of Arts in History program at Ottawa University. Some of the course contents include; Religion in American Culture, American Women’s History, and Global Issues in Historical Perspective. As a full-time student, you must complete at least 28 credits units in your major.

Additionally, you can benefit from the flexible format offered in its online program. Through this historical curriculum, offered by Ottawa. You can get insight into happenings in the world systems.

Also, Ottawa online classes are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The net price to commence this program is $23,661


The Northwestern State University of Louisiana offers an online Bachelor of Arts in History degree that gets its content from local and national history. This bachelor’s degree requires 120 credit unit hours of coursework, with areas of content drawing from American, European, or non-American history.

As an online history student in this school, you will be taught; Women in the Modern World, Biblical History, Military History of the United States, and the History of Louisiana.

This program is totally online and can be accessed from any part of the world. Lessons are usually given through online lectures, lesson videos, and online class meetings through WebEx and class discussion. In areas of difficulty, you can easily reach out to the Professors for help. To enroll in the school to earn a history degree, you need the sum of $10,503


Texas State University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in History that enables those desiring to be teachers to pursue a certification in that area,

To complete the course, you must complete at least 120 credit unit hours worth of coursework, including four semesters of a foreign language and 33 credits of major courses.

Studying History at Texas state university, you will be exposed to several content areas, which are:

  • History of Religion in India
  • Workers and Work in the Arab World
  • History of Rock and Roll, and
  • History of Piracy.

You can access this course from any part of the world. Normally classes start during the summer period. To enroll, the net price of study will cost $13,579


The University of Maryland offers an online history bachelor’s degree to learn about research, analysis, and communication in a historical context. This helps in giving you broader knowledge and skill base to fit into any profession.

For those majoring in history, you need Thirty-three credits units to complete, including a senior thesis.

As an online history student, you have the liberty of choosing your major from two major focuses: U.S. History and World History.

Content areas in these focuses include:

  • S. Women’s History (1870 to 2000)
  • Europe’s Bloodiest Century
  • History of the American West.

The University of Maryland gives you the privilege to reduce the credits load needed to earn a  Master of Arts in Teaching if you complete the Bachelor degree with them.

Graduates of this course have successfully been working for the National Archives and the National Park Service. This is to tell you how respected this course is.  And as a Masters’s graduate, you have a greater chance. The net price of cost of study amounts to $15,256


As an online history student of Washington State University, you tend to benefit from the faculty members who are very involved with world top research projects.

To complete a Bachelor’s degree in History here, you need a 120 credit hour of coursework, including content drawn from the US, European, and non-Western history.

You can choose an elective from other content areas such as; Classical and Christian Europe, Women in Latin American History, and Imperialism in World History.

After this, you must select one area from the three concentration areas: the United States, Europe, and the Atlantic.

The nice thing about WSU is that it gives you the option to start your degree in the spring, summer, or fall.

In addition, WSU is one of the most respected and reliable schools to run your online history degree.  It is pertinent for you to know that the U.S. News and World Report have ranked Washington State as 20th  on the  Best Online Bachelor’s Programs and 15th  on the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs for Veterans list. The net worth of a history degree in WSU is $17,885


The University of Nebraska at Kearney offers an online Bachelor of Arts in History degree. The course requires 120 credit hours of coursework, and you must also complete six credit hours of a foreign language. Some of the content areas of the course are History and Film, Saints and Sinners, Nebraska and the Great Plains History, and History of Sea Power.

As an online student, you have the privilege of running an internship in a history-based setting for credit.

Upon graduating, you are fully prepared to apply the critical thinking, and writing skills learned from your history course in either advancing to a graduate degree or going into politics, business, or social research. The net price of an online history degree is  $15,909


Westfield State University prides itself on the provision of flexible online Bachelor n Arts in History program.

Here, your can complete your degree totally online. You have the flexibility to choose your course schedule. You can either choose to go for the seven-week or fourteen-week course.

Also, Westfield offers three opportunities for intensive sessions, one of which is a two-week online program in January.

Depending on your previous experience and the schedule chosen, you can complete your degree in one to three years.  For example, if you have some college knowledge in history, you can transfer up to 90 credits into your online program at Westfield. This is possible because the university is part of the MassTransfer and Commonwealth Commitment programs. This depicts that students with college experience in a specific field can easily transit between the two schools. The net price of study goes for  $15,967


Regent University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in History degree program that requires you to complete 120 credit hours of coursework. This university allows you to finish your degree in a shorter period of time as it takes you typically 8-weeks in duration to complete some requirements.

Content areas taught here are drawn from History of Global Christianity, The True, the Good, & The Beautiful, History of Virginia, and History of Virginia.

It is pertinent for you to know that this school is well ranked internationally.  U.S. News and World Report ranked Regent University as No. 42 on the Best Online Bachelor’s Program list and No. 28 on the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs for Veterans list. The net price of study goes for $17,820


Liberty University allows you to complete a Bachelor of Science in History to gain in-depth knowledge on past events to prepare for the future.

The degree requires you to complete 120 credits, which lasts for three and a half years.

All electronic textbooks required for the smooth learning of courses are provided for free from the university.

The university also allows up to 90 transfer credits for those with college experience. There is also a special package for those who have served in the military as there are military-friendly transfer policies and perks.

Content areas of study are drawn from Historical Methodology, Geography, and History of Western Civilization.

Also, please do note that tuition price has been static on the same price for four years, and it goes for $26,954


With the above information, you can now make a good choice on which school to go to. If you read through carefully, you will notice that every school has distinct content areas it teaches. So go through it again and choose the one that best suits your interest.

Written by Freida Dibbert

Freida Dibbert is a content writer at LearnCora. When she is not creating content for LearnCora, she can be found reading on latest updates in the education sector and use of technology in the classroom.

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