List of 8 Less Competitive Science Courses In Nigeria

Are you in search of the best less competitive science courses in Nigeria?

Then look no further.

Studying any subject on science in Nigeria will require diligence. Before getting admitted, during learning and even after graduating.

Perseverance is required to show competence and some level of expertise since the job market is saturated with intelligent minds who are professionals in their area of work.

Science programs here in Nigeria has a lot of aspirants craving for its knowledge.

From engineering to medicine and surgery, these are few of the programs many students will want to study in various tertiary institutions in Nigeria. 

It’s not always because of what science means, or aspirants merely following their dream courses, but the vast and much available job opportunities present here in Nigeria.

Despite the low employment rate in society and the increase in the number of job seekers, there are still a whole lot of areas people can very much work in and be relevant in the community.

But why common courses when there are jobs like soil science and the rest available and which still promises good pay?.

Chemical engineering, for example, raises a high level of dopamine when mentioned but proves very difficult to study for many.

These are a few of the reasons many do opt for science courses even if they are pretty competitive. They crave for its admission and end up not finding available career opportunities to take on.

As a strong-willed person, you can still pursue. But if you know you have not the ability to pursue on, these are less competitive science courses to study in Nigeria.

List of 8 Less Competitive Science Courses In Nigeria

1. Ecotourism and Wildlife Management

Instead of turning job seekers, graduates of this science course are trained on how to create jobs and empower others. This is one less competitive program you can take as a student and still find responsibility in the job market.

Ecotourism and wildlife is typically a way of generating revenue for a state or a country at large. This is a program many are not aware of but exists finding relevance in various aspects relating to tourism and its management.

Ecotourism, especially, strives to provide tourists with an incredible opportunity for travel, which is desirable, credible and intriguing in equal amount.

Graduates of this program can choose which line of work they prefer since the program is a two in one course. Wildlife Management or Ecotourism option. This is one aspect that makes it unique.

The Objectives Of This Course Are To:

  • Tap into opportunities that are goal-oriented through research in ecotourism, wildlife environmental protection and management that will help benefit the country’s need.
  • Provide skilled workforce through education in the science of ecotourism; it’s management and wildlife resources management.

Usually, different kinds of individuals can have a part to play in ecotourism, from environmental engineers to consultants, architects and construction managers. They are all working selflessly towards managing the natural environment.

You can also work as wildlife managers, conservation scientists, park rangers, eco-tour guides and environmental education officers.

But if you’re all about going green and want to pursue a career that allows you to travel the globe going places, then a career in ecotourism could be the one for you.

2. Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology

To study this course, do ensure you have the right requirement to be able to gain admission into Nigerian universities. This is also one less competitive course which you can mostly find in technology-related schools. 

This can, therefore, stir a little competitiveness since it is not that common with most institutions. Going for this program will help you learn more about the application of scientific research and gained knowledge to agricultural practices through farmers education.

And since agriculture is the cultivation of crops and breeding of livestock. There is, for sure, a need to create a wide range of communication and learning activities from different areas such as business, health and agricultural studies.

Agricultural extension and communication technology:

  • Increase the efficiency in agricultural production
  • Increase the conservation, development and use of natural resources
  • Ensure proper management on the farm and at home
  • Produce better family living and improve public affairs

This is a very much less competitive science course you can study here in Nigeria and still find readily available work opportunities, especially in research institutes. 

You can give this a shot if your dream course seems so hard to achieve. When you are through learning this program, you can work as either an Extension Agent, an Extension Officer, Researcher, a Development Officer, a Livestock Agent or a Crops Agent.

3. Marine Science and Technology

Under this course are various job opportunities available for various individuals to occupy. It is either you work as a marine scientist, a marine resource economist, a coastal habitat technician or an aquatic biologist. This program is not limited to the number of fields of work; it can offer prospects willing to pursue a career in any of them.

This is the one available less competitive program you can put in for if you want a course that doesn’t have too much of gurus. Though requiring technicality as it’s mostly concerned with ocean and coastal waters connected to the sea and how they affect weather and climate.

This is an area which remains much to be discovered as marine, and it’s embedded life does always find a way of supporting humans existence. There is, therefore, a need for some research, which will include marine scientists to be in massive supply to study and be informed of how oceans affect climate.

Cases such as climate change or fluctuations and rise in sea-level are the focus of primary national and international researches. Therefore, making this program a perfect one to study at the university and also less competitive.

4. Polymer and Textile Engineering

This is the science, technology and engineering of materials formed from large molecules. This is also a two in one topic though it has been fused to be taught as one. 

We have the textile-based industries which convert fibres into yarns, and fabrics used in the home and for industrial use.

The polymer-based industries the items or materials used, e.g. plastics, tyres, resins, or varnishes. Science course is less competitive and very promising for future learners. 

5. Plant Breeding and Seed Technology

This is all about a program that helps reinforce efforts towards the increase in food production for sustainability and sufficiency by ensuring the development of improved plant breeding and seeds of high agronomic value.

It is a less competitive science course here in Nigeria since society has not come to know the full usefulness or impact of agriculture on her development and sustainability.

With the low level in human resources in our society today, and the ever-increasing activities present in the production of food, there is a need for individuals to fill up space in the agriculture world.

Jobs need to be created and technology exploited to serve agriculture well and ensure national food sufficiency.

You can take up this course and since it’s less competitive and has in it vast job opportunities that can create a stable income for you as an individual and the country at large. You can take your career to a different level and become more self-sustaining while creating employment for others amassing a stable income.

So if you don’t have much academic prowess to pursue the top science courses, plant breeding and seed technology is an example, of course, you can study.

6. Biology

Biology is the study of life. i.e. encompassing living and non-living things, their physical and chemical function, advancement and evolution. It is a natural science that deals with how living organisms relate and survive in their existing environment.

There are various scopes of biology you will learn while studying this program. From agricultural range to human health, livestock farming and the economic value of farm produce. These are just a few of the objective of this program; you can learn to start your career as a biologist or a scientist.

Universities where you can study Biology include:

Federal University Gashua, Federal University of Technology Akure, Federal University of Technology Minna, Federal University, Birnin Kebbi and Federal University, Dustin-ma.

It is less competitive, and over the years do have many institutions every year generate low intakes. You can work as either a Secondary school teacher, Soil scientist, Zoologist e.t.c.

7. Chemistry

Chemistry is a part of physical science that deals with the study of the composition, structure, properties and change of matter. It is also the study of matter, what it consists of, what its properties are, and how it tends to change.

This one course is an outstanding program you can study both in Polytechnics or Universities. Its readily available and require less stress compare to microbiology and the likes. It is less competitive, and studying this program will need from you excellent laboratory techniques and knowledge in the accepted fields of chemistry.

But since chemistry is in conjunction with many other science subjects, you will likely pick up skills in biology, geology, physics medicine and earth science.

You will also need to be problem-solving, be knowledgeable about some scientific and technical subjects, be well-grounded in the use of IT resources and also be organised to teach research and presentation skills also. This you will all be taught while learning.

But to gain admission, it is less competitive and easy to gain entry into.

8. Statistics

To survive as an expert or better still a statistician, you need more knowledge of data, and it’s related aspects. This is one science course you can mostly find in many institutions around. However, they do many times have very low applicants applying to learn or undergraduates who are currently learning.

Data presently now occupy the world. Companies use data for storing their customer’s data, banks for their transactions while some industries to check for future possibilities through the use of charts and data inclusive.

It is a perfect course to study since it promises a wide area of specialization. You can mostly find work in areas where data is very much needed. Places like banks, social media industries, schools, or in surveying industries and can either work as a bio-statistician, a mathematician, an economist, a data miner or an inventory analyst.

It is significantly less competitive but perfect and best for aspirants who will choose this as their line of work.


With a detailed list of less competitive science courses, you can study in Nigeria.

We believe you will be able to decide what’s best for you. Check out Universities To Study Technology Courses in Nigeria.

But know the list above keeps changing, but trust us we will keep up with the updates. Do you have any questions or suggestions, you can kindly make use of the comment box.

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