Tips on How To Use Khan Academy For Homeschool

How To Use Khan Academy For Homeschool

How To Use Khan Academy For Homeschool The Khan Academy is an innovative online program developed by Salman Khan in 2005 whose main aim is to ensure students including homeschooling ones learn with much ease and comfort.

The Khan Academy is a very promising platform that is not only robust for its online projects but also known to be very useful for its standardized curriculum which homeschool tutors can make use of as either their main curriculum or for just support with their main curriculum.

It is a suitable setting equipped with instructional and simple short videos that are down to point and are less boring to users. 

The Khan Academy is well enriched with various subject matters you can choose from which mostly comes embedded with eye-catching videos that are not only engaging but thrilling.

On the khan academy platform, you can a lot also track your child’s progress by using the progress Indicator to tell how well your child has done plus short quizzes also to test their intellectual skills.

We can go on and on about the full importance of using this academy’s features to your advantage but quickly let’s see how well you can make use of Khan Academy for homeschooling.

How To Use Khan Academy For Homeschool

Below is everything you need on using Khan Academy for homeschooling, irrespective of your location.

Read on.

How does the Khan Academy Work?

Getting started with the Khan Academy is straightforward, simple, and inviting. It has a soothing interface to work with and all complexity that will normally spark confusion in students are all broken down into basics with their amazing teaching mechanism.

It is a tutoring site turned academy that started a long time ago all to help students learn more effectively.

The academy plans to promote fundamental critical thinking amidst students and mastery of educational skills to prove that anyone can learn anything if they are eager to.

Meanwhile, to use the Khan Academy is free of charge;

You only have to visit the site, click the sign-up button, choose to either link your Khan Academy account to an existing Google or social media account or enter your email address, fill in your required information and you are in.

The programs on Khan are divided into units later subdivided into sections that contain links to short instructional videos and also test exercises. 

And under the units include almost 40 different subjects that span mathematics, arts, humanities, finance, entrepreneurship, science, computing, economics, and life skills with almost thirty thousand engaging video content covering every topic embedded therein.

There are also quizzes and tests to help your ward keep fit intellectually, the Khan Academy platform proves to be one of the free tools you can ever use to give your student good homeschooling lessons.

It is a very vital resource for homeschooling households. And with its easiness in usage, comprehensiveness, and free nature, it allows for some level of tweaking, that which many traditional or formal programs lack.

However in the quest of making Khan Academy a very essential tool in learning, here are few tips to enable you to make the most out of the platform.

Tips to Making The Most out of Khan Academy

1. Have fun

Arguably, the first measure to always ensure to achieving the most out of lessons learned as a student. Don’t ever limit yourself to reserved topics alone. 

Explore and take advantage of the academy since everything at Khan is to ensure you learn the most with a full understanding of lessons learned.

So with this, you will be able to improve your knowledge of certain methodologies so also mental strength.

2. Own the Academy

You can very much do this by setting goals for yourself, making a daily schedule for yourself, and using the academy to your advantage.

Trying to complete a course within hours will be of no help to you but attempting it slowly and steadily will help you understand the basics while empowering you to tackle the challenges to come soon.

3. Seek Help from the Community

There is always a comment section below each video content you watch where you can ask questions and which will be answered by other Khan Academy users.

But do ensure you watch over and over again if you seem to not understand a subject. Do not skip them or move to the next, ensure you complete them.

A little tip is for you to pause and take a break, come back and retry again. The number of times you watch those videos makes it more likely for you to get fully acquainted with the information and then fully understand it. 


It is quite important to know that this Academy is not a school though it does present users with subjects that match and sometimes exceed qualities of contents in conventional schools.

Nonetheless, homeschooling households must ensure rules and laws on homeschooling is well obeyed and must know that the Khan Academy can only be considered as an online resource to help boost students learning more efficiently.

Written by Wayne K

Wayne K is an educator, freelance content writer that has worked with more than 3 educations blogs. He believes that students, parents needed access to credible information, and he uses the internet to share them.

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