5 Tips on How To Study If You Don’t Have a Desk in 2021

How To Study If You Don't Have a Desk

How To Study If You Don’t Have a Desk – Creating the right environment to study in should be a relatively lenient solution to help attain your full productivity as an individual.

However, in today’s world, distractions seem to be more proactive than concentration as social media, online videos, parties, and even noise has been the order of the day completely wreaking havoc on the focus and attention span of students most especially.

Even while staying at home or in dorms, thousands of distracting factors are confined within that space and since there is no enough measure to cut against such, people fall victim to them and ultimately hinders them from getting some things done on time.

Today, knowing when to study is quite effective but knowing how to study efficiently even in the absence of a desk will be a greater accomplishment to achieve.

This is one reason you have to have a dedicated space to read and learn. That which is free from distractions and offers zero noise. 

Some individuals are lucky enough to live in homes with large study rooms while some have to make use of the little areas they live inefficiently.

However, irrespective of the type of homes you live in, here is how you can fully maximize your dorm, homes, or little space to a study area that is conducive and very effective for learning.

5 Tips on How To Study If You Don’t Have a Desk

Here are few models you can always follow if you need to read but do not have a desk to study on.

Let’s get started!

1. Set up a Floor Study Space 

This is quite the easiest and readily available study space you can ever make use of. 

It does not involve any investment or cost of any kind and proves to be the best study space you can ever have provided it is clean, well ventilated, well illuminated, and very comfy to sit in.

This is a possible way to study if getting pieces of furniture to seat and read on isn’t readily available.

 You only spread either a fluffy floor mat, a carpet, or a bedsheet on the area in which you will be using. And with pillows included, you can easily seat against one and place your materials on the other to study. 

This proves to be one of the best methods to make use of as this should only take place in your house, dorm, or any other area you stay.

2. Use a Lap Desk

This type of desk is very much the most efficient and most effective to use. 

You only have to sit on either a chair, your bed, couch, or any other area that supports a very good sitting posture while you place your lap desk on your lap and arrange your books or laptop on top of it and you are ready to go.

It s a very efficient alternative if you have not the ability to purchase large furniture to read on. Lap desk like HONGER Lap Desk Portable and Rossie Home Premium Bamboo are not only quality, but also affordable.

Lap desks will help lift your overheated laptop off your legs and much higher to a height that will ensure you are not straining both your back and neck. 

Some will even give you spaces for your mouse, a holder for your phone, and also bumpers at the end to prevent skidding of books or materials placed on the desk.

Many of these foldable lap desks are quite cheap to acquire and can be found in online stores like Amazon and Walmart.

3. Invest in a Wall-Mounted Desk 

This is a very special space-saving way of creating a study area without having to invest in some sets of traditional desks. They are foldable, compact, and very durable to study on.

A wall-mounted desk is a very good option for students with small dorm areas as they provide you with a good study area with some considerate amount of working area without having to read on the floor or some other places that offer no comfort or relaxation.

Also, these wall-mounted desks are normally very small and are best equipped with enough space or shelves for your essentials to be kept in. Adjustable height is one other feature you will always get from a wall-mounted desk, that, which conventional ones can’t do.

A wall-mounted desk like Haotian FWT18-W, Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk and the SEI Furniture Willingham Wall Desk are equipped with extra storage drawers but do always note that it is the bigger the desk, the larger its pockets and shelves will be.

To purchase this, you can always scour on Amazon or any other physical store but always do make sure whatever you are acquiring is of top quality.

4. Use Portable Bed Desk

Bed desks also do go a long way in space-saving if there is no enough space for installing wall desks.

It is true reading in bed will make you liable to sleep and most does not prove to be the best situation to study in.

However, knowing oneself coupled with self-discipline will always go a long way in attacking full productivity.

A bed desk will always provide you with easy features that will help make your reading more convenient to do. They do always come with mini storage drawers or pockets for your stationery, ports, book stands, etc which are invariably great add-ons for studying comfortably. The Safco Products AlphaBetter, KFDQ Small Household Table, and SIDUCAL Tray Table are a few of the bed desk out there that are worth the money. 

The legs also are mostly adjustable and foldable so you can always adjust to your preferred height allowing for your convenience while studying.

With this, plus the switching off of your phone or any other contributing factor, you should be able to get things done and concentrate more on studying with total attention.

5. DIY Home Desk

Getting a large flat surface and placing it on two cabinets or cupboards with convenient height will furnish you with a desk with a good ample space for you.

In here, you don’t necessarily need to buy some materials before you can study. 

You can just make do with materials you have in your home and get it done all by yourself by just converting flat surfaces like wall-mounted shelves or floating surfaces that will help serve the purpose of aiding you in reading.

These are just to mention a few of how you can always function and study if you don’t have a desk.


Now, we feel you should be able to study anywhere with the few suggestions listed above. You can always study anywhere provided the required factors are put in place. 

Elimination of distractions is a lot very essential so also self-discipline to know when to and when not to do some things.

Provided these measures are taken up by yourselves, even the absence of desks will not be able to stop you from getting engaged.

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Written by Wayne K

Wayne K is an educator, freelance content writer that has worked with more than 3 educations blogs. He believes that students, parents needed access to credible information, and he uses the internet to share them.

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