10 Actionable Tips On How To Pass Post UTME In Nigeria

How To Pass Post Utme In Nigeria

You are looking for actionable tips on how to pass Post UTME In Nigeria that you can implement to pass exams of both competitive and easy to enter universities in Nigeria?

Then look no further.

We’ve put together a list of tips on preparing for Post UTME and best practices. Note that this blog post is split into different sections to cover various aspects. – From what to read to physiological preparation, finding resources, and more.

For most of the tips, you will find links to further reading, including links to external resources. We’ve also picked some of the best reading tips on the internet.

To jump into a specific section, use the link in the table of content.

10 Actionable Tips On How To Pass Post UTME In Nigeria

SIDENOTE. There’s no short cut to pass Post UTME without studying or doing anything. And know that engaging in examination malpractice is not a lane you should walk on. For people to be sitting for competitive universities in Nigeria exam and pass them, you also can. So, continue reading and make sure you follow the instructions.

1. Commitment

Commitment should be the first thing to get your mind on to pass any exam. Why? Because if your mind and soul are not committed to what you want to achieve, it’ll be a matter of share luck to pass.

Follow the following tips to stay committed during the preparation:

  • Accept that it’ll be a rough Journey.
  • Identify your weakness and strong point.
  • Set smart goals instead of big ones that you might be clueless about how to achieve.
  • Get a reading partner for accountability.
  • Reward yourself for each goal achieved.

Staying committed through the preparation period won’t only you cover more topics, but also increase your confidence level.

2. Avoid Procrastination

You might want to delay doing some things. Thinking there is time. Before you know it, the exam date is close.

Time is an asset. You should handle it well.

The later you always won’t come as you want. You don’t know what tomorrow holds, so make use of your today.

Create the mentality of getting things done before the deadline, not behind schedule. Working on this won’t only help you gain admission into the university, but also during your stay in the higher institution.

3. Read More and Smartly

Reading more would allow you to prepare, hence take you a step further compared to a faction of your peers.

However, reading without making use of your smartness can make use read hard without achieving anything. Spend time organizing your learning materials in a way that only needed resources would get read.

4. Test Yourself

Testing leads to failure, and failure leads to understanding – Bart Ruta

It is not enough to read without testing your capacity. After reading a subject/topic, make sure you push yourself to know how far you have gone and where to make corrections.

There are many ways to do this: through app or group reading. Also, you can set up custom questions, while you provide answers to them and score yourself after each practice.

This approach might be a little bit hard to implement for someone new to it, but with time, you’ll get acquainted.

#5. Learn To Solve Without Calculator

Schools like the University of Ibadan do not allow calculators to be taken into the exam hall. Hence, it would help if you worked out your brain to carry out calculations without using the calculating set. Another trick to this is knowing formulas and how to make use of them for complex calculations.

Besides restrictions from some schools, it would sharpen your arithmetic skills and speed.

#6. Practice Past Questions

Practicing past questions is another prerequisite to passing Post UTME 2021 in Nigeria. By studying previous questions that have been asked by the university would make it possible for you to get adapted to questions that might likely get repeated.

Getting past questions is not a big thing. In our store at LearnCora, you will find past questions for different universities. And you can also send us a message on WhatsApp to request for yours.

7. Practice with online post UTME Software/App

Practicing with online Post UTME software and app is another routing to pass Post UTME in Nigeria. If you find using paper and pen too crude, there are dime dozens of Post UTME practice software and app you can download on the internet.

This is not for fun, and it would help you get familiarized with the exam process; this would reduce fear tension.

#8. Practice Your JAMB Questions Again

Yes, you are not done with it yet. It might sound awkward, but you must leave no stone unturned. Some universities don’t have Past Questions of their own, and they mostly pick questions from the JAMB series.

Note that not all schools make use of this method, but you should do your research on how your chosen school sets its exam questions and make your plan accordingly.

10. Create A Time Table

Creating a well-planned reading time table for Post UTME would make it possible to cover every topic and subject you need to offer. It may seem hard to follow at first, but with consistency, you will make headway.

Also, make sure your difficult subjects are the ones that come up often, and be sure to make use of your time judiciously.


Here we’ve discussed how to pass Post UTME in Nigeria. But know that it takes effort and consistency to pass Universities in Nigeria Post UTME.

They won’t give you a mark because you need it, you got to work for it. And there are thousands of candidates looking to gain admission just like you.

Therefore be ready to work your ass off.

So, that is it on everything on how to prepare for Post UTME in one blog post.

Got any tips you’ve used or known someone used that worked? Leave us a comment, and we’d consider adding them to our list.

Written by Geekydaniel

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