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How to get a Visa to Sweden

You may need to apply for a visa if you are a citizen of a nation outside the EU and want to visit Sweden (and the other Schengen countries). If you require a visa depends on where you are from, whether you have a Schengen resident permit, and whether you are continuously residing in an EU nation.

Except in extreme circumstances, where the visa may only be valid for entering Sweden and/or some Schengen countries, the visa is usually valid for admission into all Schengen countries.

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In order to visit Sweden, one must obtain a visa. There are over 100 countries that requires a visa. These countries span across Africa and Asia; Chad, Ghana, Nigeria, Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Taiwan, and Thailand are just a few examples.

There are various requirements to look into before one can obtain a visa.

For receiving a visa for studies or educational purpose one has to:

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  • be able to describe the purpose of your visit
  • have an invitation or proof of acceptance from a university in Sweden
  • have a certificate from your university abroad if you are already registered at a university
  • have money to support yourself and for the return trip home (Sweden also requires you to have 450 SEK for each day you stay in Sweden)
  • have personal medical travel insurance that covers all costs associated with emergency medical treatment, urgent medical care, or medical transportation back to your home country (the insurance must cover costs of at least 30,000 EUR and be valid for all Schengen countries)
  • a passport-sized image of yourself facing the camera that is no more than six months old
  • other papers that the embassy may demand
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Remember that

  • Before traveling to the Schengen area, you must apply for a visa, which must be done least six months in advance.
  • submit your application early Your final destination decides which Schengen embassy you should apply to (if your final destination is a Schengen country other than Sweden, you must apply for a visa at that country’s embassy).
  • A visa is only valid for a specific period of time, and working while on a visa is only permitted in exceptional circumstances.

The majority of people who need to apply for a visa must do so through an outside service provider. You can check your embassy’s website to see if it has a contract with a third-party service provider.

You can use our e-service if your embassy does not have a contract with an external service provider and you are applying for a visa through the Swedish embassies in Seoul (South Korea), Teheran (Iran), or Tokyo (Japan).

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You can apply by handing in a form directly to your embassy if you are unable to apply through an external service provider or through our e-services.

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For more information on how to apply visit: Swedish embassies and consulates-general

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