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How To Avoid Getting Kidnapped, and What To Do, If Kidnapped.

Kidnapping is the unlawful confinement of a person against their will. It is also known as the act of abducting a person and holding him captive.
Kidnapping is a major issue and most likely will be on the increase this festive season.
Research has shown that Last year, the U.S. State Department released a list of 35 countries where American citizens run the greatest risk of being kidnapped.
With countries like Haiti, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Trinidad, Tobago, and Turkey are among the places where Americans are advised to proceed with caution.

Here are some tips that can serve as a guide for you to avoid being kidnapped:

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To avoid kidnapping, ‘Thick’ stressed the practice of situational awareness with all senses being on alert while abroad.
“Too many people are buried in their smartphones and actually walk into glass doors, so it’s no wonder kidnappers are so successful,” he quipped.
Anywhere you go, be smart and alert always.

Avoid getting too much attention. Wearing designer suits or expensive wristwatches, driving flashy cars, or displaying huge sums of money in public, on a regular basis would give the impression of you as a wealthy person and thus attract the attention of kidnappers.
Rather, it is advisable to be moderate in our dressing and simple in our lifestyle.

Due to the high rate of kidnapping, it has been discovered that different methods and strategies are formed daily by these bandits on how to get their target.
It is therefore advised to apply caution when arranging for transportation.

It is one thing to prevent yourself from kidnappers and another thing to know what to do when being kidnapped. People vary and their approach to the situation varies as well.

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However, It’s very important that when kidnapped, you don’t try to fight back. This is a mistake many have made which eventually got them seriously injured or even killed.
Once you have been kidnapped, you also don’t want to antagonize your kidnappers — talking back, spitting, resisting, and not following orders. These will all result in negative consequences.
Things you see in the movies are not what you want to emulate when it comes to kidnapping. In real life, situational awareness is paramount.

Another measure recommended is purchasing a handcuff key and concealing it in one’s pocket, thus offering a possible chance of escape if handcuffed.

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