How Much Does a Homeschool Teacher Cost in 2021

How Much Does a Homeschool Teacher Cost

How Much Does a Homeschool Teacher Cost – There are tons of benefits embedded in employing the services of a homeschool tutor.

From lessening of your teaching load as a parent to helping your wards learn from a completely different angle and also accountability on the part of the child to examine how well he or she has done.

These are unique advantages homeschool teachers can bring to your doorstep. 

And as the name suggests, homeschooling refers to education that takes place in the home. And by this, we mean guardians or parents having total control over how their children learn, when and also where their learning takes place.

Besides, homeschooling also gives you the ability to change and tweak the study curriculum to the student’s needs, unlike conventional learning settings where the curriculum of the school has already been prepared beforehand.

However, there are always varying factors for wanting to hire a homeschool teacher real quick, that we will bring in a minute.

But do ensure you read to the end to also catch on to the various factors that may affect the cost of homeschooling if you need to employ the services of a tutor.

How Much Does a Homeschool Teacher Cost

Homeschooling now is a rapidly growing option for parents who have reasons for not being able to attend to educational matters arising with their wards.

Some factors for wanting to hire can include unavailability on the part of the parent to be available for their wards or inadequate income to send their children to private or public schools, therefore, succumbing to homeschooling their children.

While some can be that they just want to simply be a parent once again. Since they’ve been homeschooling for quite some year’s and has been taking a toll on their relationship with their children.

Regardless, if you will be employing the services of a homeschool teacher, then there are always certain factors to consider before hiring one.

Typically, each tutor session can cost between 25$ to 45$ per hour mostly depending on the skill being applied, experience, and also versatility.

But while this is well clarified, some experienced tutors and obviously, with good qualifications may charge up to 85$ to homeschool your kids depending on what you want and the conditions surrounding you.

Factors That May Affect the Cost of Homeschooling

Below are tips on factors to consider on what affects the cost of homeschooling irrespective of your country or locality.

Read on!

1. Curriculum 

Here, this proves to be the most expensive piece and on average proves to cost between $300 to $600 per child, however is mostly based on the child’s age.

Unlike public and private schools that have a fixed amount for every material used per child, you as a parent or guardian will have to buy games, programs, worksheets to plan the scope of sequence, lesson plans, and also deliver lessons.

Though in here, you can certainly filter in and out what you feel suits your ward, rent, or even use past curriculum for another child.

Another way to cut costs on procuring curriculum is to be part of a local homeschooling group, you will for sure find people who are willing to share their curricula for the past year.

2. Teaching Materials 

Resources like lesson plans, book lists, organizers, whiteboard activities, books, standardized tests are materials that should be included in the teacher’s supply. 

However, you may wish to cut costs on all of this depending on your homeschooling style or personal style as a tutor.

But on average, you will arguably spend $100 to $300 on teaching materials per child.

3. Tutor Experience and Qualification

Before you ever employ the services of a homeschool educator, do always think of quality. And the quality does mean more cost.

Homeschooling teachers will generally want to share their knowledge with the subject being taught since they are passionate about it and do have a lot of experience in it plus qualifications.

This indefinitely means more hourly rate or some at a higher rate since they are more qualified in the area than any other people who may want to take on those subjects.

So with this as a determining factor, the cost of hiring a homeschool teacher can be quite high and with a surge in the pandemic crisis lately, parent now wants to keep their wards busy making the services of a homeschool teacher presently very valuable.

5. Extracurricular activity 

The number of hours you infuse in homeschooling your kids does determine their efficiency and productivity.

One certain thing is for you to never compare a typical traditional school to homeschooling.

Normally, students who stay in schools do so for up to 7 to 8 hours but do not always have all of their time spent in the classroom.

Extracurricular activities like games, debates, quizzes, and sports are usually introduced to help maintain mental balance and prevent boredom.

However, leaning on varying conditions, you can ultimately decide to have your wards homeschooled for four to five hours per day or even lesser. This all depends on you.

Yet, do ensure you always factor in extracurricular activities as part of their tasks daily. It helps boost mental ability and some other physical skills.

Socialization of the kids with children of their age is a unique opportunity every parent must seize to create for their wards.

It helps boosts self-confidence and makes them feel among without any form of isolation. Most of these activities do come with a cost so creating a budget for what is affordable should always be the first step to prevent overspending.

6. Supplies 

Supplies include laptops, internet, pens, printer, science equipment, papers, stationery, etc which can normally cost between $400 to $600 per child on getting these supplies. 

This is also a factor that determines how much employing the services of a homeschool teacher will cost.


How much does a homeschool teacher cost has a definite answer that is quite impossible to give as we can only estimate an average amount?

Homeschooling generally is expensive because while all research has been executed and the budget has been set, there is still a tendency for you to overspend due to other sudden expenses.

Nevertheless, hiring a homeschool teacher shouldn’t be tiresome as you think. Talking to experts and people who have gone through the process will help enlighten you and give you more knowledge on how to go about hiring a homeschool teacher.

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Written by Laura Meza

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