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Free Online Universities in The U.S

There are various online institutions in the United States that provide students with tuition-free education. These online colleges rely on donations from the school’s founders and wealthy contributors who believe in the benefits of giving to education.

Here’s a list of accredited online universities that offer free tuition in the U.S.

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University of the People

UoPeople is the world’s first and only free accredited online university. It confers degrees in both computer science and health science. You may earn an associate’s degree in two years, a bachelor’s degree in four years, or an MBA entirely online. The United States Department of Education, the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation have both recognized this free institution. The University of the People has demonstrated a dedication to offering high-quality education to individuals who may not otherwise be able to afford it.

Despite the fact that UoPeople is a tuition-free institution, each candidate must pay a $60 application processing fee. It also charges $100 for each exam taken as an Exam Processing Fee. There are 20 tests to obtain the Associate’s Degree, each of which costs $2000. The Bachelor’s degree program consists of 40 tests, each of which costs $4000. UoPeople does, however, provide scholarships to individuals who cannot finance the tests.

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Columbia University

Columbia University is a famous four-year university located in the heart of New York City. Students from different backgrounds and nationalities may learn in prestigious settings at this research-intensive institution. Columbia University provides a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare students for a variety of academic vocations. Students at Columbia University have access to unusual financial assistance alternatives, as their aid packages contain grants rather than loans.

This means that after graduation, students are not required to repay the funds. Tuition and fees will be waived for households earning $60,000 or less in an effort to help students. The institution provides significant tuition and fee savings to households earning $100,000 or less.

Stanford University

Stanford University was founded in 1885 in Stanford, California, and has since grown to become a prestigious four-year institution. The excellent research at this institute of excellence is well-known. It now has more than 7,700 funded research projects.

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Stanford University has demonstrated a commitment to assisting families that may be unable to afford tuition for their children over the years. Families earning $65,000 or less are exempt from paying tuition, fees, or boarding, while families earning $150,000 or less are exempt from paying any tuition. 70% of undergraduates receive some type of financial help.

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