The 10 Educational Game Websites For High School Students

Educational Game Websites For High School Students

One effective way to engage and grab students’ attention is through web-based games. And here is a list of educational game websites for high school students.

It is one effective way of integrating technology into the classroom, especially on a platform that is naturally engaging and educating irrespective of the age range, grade level, and the various content pages these programs can proffer.

Using educational games as an instructional tool for learning for students helps them generate some connection with the content displayed and can, as a result, form positive learning memories.

And since game nowadays is mostly common among teens, exceptionally high school students. Educational games will go a long way in capturing these student’s minds and attention and actively engage them to be more productive.

But while selecting a gaming site, it is always preferable to choose sites that have no adult content or disturbing ads to maintain the main focus of students.

And also, an educational portal for proper monitoring and tracking of student’s activities and progress by teachers or guardians.

These are a few needs an excellent gaming website has to have. But to get these educational games, there is for sure a need for their websites.

Quickly, here are ten educational game websites for high school students.

10 Educational Game Websites for High School Students 

1. Sheppard Software

This gaming website has hundreds of free online math and educational games readily available to enable students to play and practice in a fun and exciting manner.

It is programmed with varieties of maths levels for all age range. Students only got to pick the most suitable topic and play. This enables students to get entertained while they keep practicing on and on.

Sheppard software covers early maths which includes fractions, place value, money, and basic operations to pre-algebra. It is a straightforward site to navigate through so trying to settle on any specific topic would not prove too challenging to do.

It is also one gaming website that provides students with an excellent opportunity to work more on their problem-solving skills while also having fun learning. It is a very great deal for students, especially kids since it puts them to work and makes them more productive.

It is a very educational site with lots of games to play on topics like geography, chemistry, grammar, math, animals, and vocabulary.

2. Funbrain

This is an excellent educational gaming website where students, especially elementary students, can have an interactive session with the contents displayed while also developing skills in mathematics. 

This site is created for kids from preschool through to grade 8 but can still be an excellent resource for learning for high school students. This site includes popular books and comics that captivate attention and which will always make students wanting for more.

There are more than 100 fun games students can interact with and lots of book resources like Diary of a Wimpy kid, Amelia Writes, etc. they can read.

The site is not very easy to navigate through if students are in search of a specific game which is often attributed to lots of games on the platform that do engage.

3. Hooda Math

Games usually grab attention and immediately develop an interest within the user while actively engaging him or her. Hooda Math is one educational gaming website students can play educating games on to learn while teachers can use as a teaching resource.

It is a free online math gaming website that offers over 300 Math games for all age ranges. It is much, very easy to navigate.

This is one considerably useful site that can help students to be more productive since it contains various games like Checkers, Hot Java which can put their intellect to the test and enable them to be more problem-solving.

4. ABCya

Math BINGO is an inspiring way to practice maths tutorials either on computers or mobile phones.

This web-based game provides teachers with a useful tool for helping students learn maths and arts online.

This is one valuable site that creates a crucial opportunity for most elementary students.

It has well-organized games and learning activities, but unlike Sheppard, ABCya is limited in its game collection.  Also, you can access the website if you possess any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

5. Game Up- BrainPOP

BrainPOP provides students with games on Science, English, STEM topics, Social Studies, Reading and Writing, Health, and Arts.

They make use of interactive animated videos to convey messages and ensuring learning is made easy.

This creative site does engage young learners with games, animated videos, and activities that support learning.

Game Up is designed with relevance, much learning depth, and amusing characters that support kids on their learning curve.

Having more than 75 games available on this platform makes it a real deal for students craving to learn through fun, and this can be achieved with no login and ad details.

The age range is also considered in the games available as each accessible game has with it the age range and level of difficulty.

6. Gamestar Mechanic

This is one cool gaming site where students can not only play games but also make and publish their games.

It is fun using, has various game quests and lessons to assist students in grasping lessons while also making their games.

This site has different levels of difficulty students can take depending on choice. It’s either they go on quests, take thrilling and fun ma courses, design their video games or join a large community of fellow designers.

Going on quests helps increase students’ capabilities in game designing. You can also earn items as you go. There is also a large community of designers; students can join.

This will help them learn more through engagement and by so doing becoming more productive playing web-based games.

7. Spellingcity 

Spellincity is a web-based learning tool that comprises games played for vocabulary and writing purposes.

This is a word game app designed to help students learn spelling lists and improve grammar skills while having pleasure at the same time.

VocabularySpellingCity does have a wide range of games to keep kids and students engaged using any spelling tests. This is often one reason it is one of the best spelling apps available online though the premium version is not free.

It is readily available on all devices, either Android, iPad, iPhone, or desktop. Also, the age range for the educational website is between Prep to Year 12.

Though senior students might not necessarily need to learn and review spelling lists, it is a handy grammar resource for high school students.

Students can also practice various spelling tests, play educating games, missing letters, and then proceed to unscramble words and sentences while in turn, getting immediate feedback from their activities.

The main benefits of this site are the fun and engagement it develops during usage. It provides students with content that will build interest, educate and engage all at the same time.

It can also be a source of help to students with poor vocabularies as teachers or parents can help create spelling lists. That includes a wide variety of words while such students can also revise different levels which can help assist and strengthen his/her vocabulary.

8. Mr.Nussbaum

Having subjects that include maths, geography, language arts, history, science, people, holidays, and other exciting topics makes it a good take on high school students.

This is one educational gaming website that has over 87 games and possesses numerous interactive activities for kids and students needed to practice basic maths skills as well as pre-algebra.

The maths section is the most comprehensive of the subjects available while other topics are more limited in their focus. It is also a site that is very useful for students as well as teachers.

It is one great tool teachers can use to assign activities to students to help them learn more about topics embedded on this site, most especially mathematics.

It’s a web-based game that is available on iPads, tablets, and computers which can help teachers supply students with practice and drills to act as reinforcement on lessons covered in the classroom.

Homeworks can also be assigned on this platform as students can print out their results to show how best they performed in each game.

The only drawback of this site is the disturbing ads that often popup during use and so will many times require parents’ or teachers’ presence.

Except that, high school students can learn from its vibrant informational texts like history, which has more about revolutionary wars and information of the past and also comprehension quizzes.

9. Arcademics

Easy to navigate through, no logging in, and containing quality contents needed for learning, this is one aspect that makes this online educational gaming website a powerful tool for learning basic maths, vocabulary and spelling, reading, and language arts for kids and high school students.

Arcademic does ensure users keep playing to improve themselves by repeatedly drilling them through timed learning lessons while providing instant feedback on their activities.

This skill builder features games that will help students practice all subjects mentioned above.

There are pretty more than 50 games available to students to play on this platform and which are grouped into more than 13 areas all-encompassing maths, vocabulary, language arts, and critical thinking.

Students can choose based on difficulty or levels while playing these educational games and can always get answers at the end of each missed question. This is to tell how well they’ve performed on each subject chosen.

Games like Dolphin Dash, Star Aliens, Jet skis, and Capital Penguin are a few of the accessible games school users can play and learn while having fun.

One other unique aspect of this game is the multiplayer feature it offers its users to help detect their weaknesses and work more on them.

Students can input temporary usernames into this website and play against each other while a statistical report will be printed out to know how well they’ve performed.

This is an excellent gaming site for high school students to test themselves and get entertained while learning.

10. PrimaryGames

This colorful and rich gaming website has lots of entertaining and educating games available for students to play to learn. It interacts well with users as there are various fun games on different subjects on the website.

It is also very engaging to use since it is pretty easy to navigate through and many times keeps users coming for more.

The many games available on this platform covers areas like Maths, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.

Although this site is intended for kids from pre-kindergarten to fourth grade, it also consists of content that can be very useful for high school students.

The main aim of every gaming site is to make learning fun. This is the primary aim of primary games.


Educational websites can typically consist of tools like games, videos, pictures, and materials that can serve to support learning and teaching in the classroom.

They make sure learning is fun and not dull.

However, caution is required on the internet to ensure students are using these websites for their intended use and not for some non-educational use.

Do you know about any other great educational gaming websites people can make use of? Kindly make use of the comment box and share it with us at LearnCora.

Written by Freida Dibbert

Freida Dibbert is a content writer at LearnCora. When she is not creating content for LearnCora, she can be found reading on latest updates in the education sector and use of technology in the classroom.

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