Tips On How You Can You Use Education. com For Homeschooling

Can You Use Education. com For Homeschooling

Can you use education. com for homeschooling – You finally decided to start homeschooling your child and looking for a platform that can grant you access to the resources you need?

You are here because you have heard of Can be used for homeschooling?

Here you will be getting enough details on how can be of good to your homeschooling process. 

Can You Use Education. com For Homeschooling?

The platform is one of the best supplement sites for homeschoolers. The materials on the platforms can be used for homeschooling.

They provide different kinds of materials and resources to aid students’ understanding e.g. workbooks, worksheets, activities, activity books, lesson plans, and science fair projects. 

These materials are available for prekindergarten to 5th grade and cover different subjects like fine arts, mathematics, reading and writing, foreign languages, sciences, and social studies. 

The platform has a progress tracker and allows producing digital assignments.

The way the site is structured, it allows you to be flexible and this allows specific need and wants to be tailored to your kid. You can decide to be progressive or random, as you want it.

It is claimed that 90% of students get to understand concepts better after using the platform. The resources are structured to make learning fun and enjoyable for your kids. is a great online platform to supplement homeschooling your kid.

Is Free for Parents?

The platform is not free for parents, you can either subscribe monthly or yearly to access unlimited material for your kid which includes workbooks, lesson plans, etc.

There is a free membership plan that makes it possible for you to download 3 free content in a month.

To enjoy the site, you need to make a subscription to the website. Just a profile is enough for all your kids.

How Can I Use for Free?

You can use for free, limited though, by registering a basic (free) profile.

What is Free on

There are just limited materials that are free on These resources are majorly educational activities for kids.

Free Resources That Can Be Found On

1. Mary Art Like Mary Blair

This activity helps your kid to understand geometry and 2D shapes while knowing more about the career of the artist “Mary Blair”. It helps the kid recognize different shapes well.

2. Build Brick Challenge: Building the Eiffel Tower

We all know about the Eiffel Tower in the beautiful country of France. This activity helps your kid have the feel of an engineer by building their own Eiffel Tower using building blocks.

3. Rocket Like Mae Jemison

Using Mae Jemison as a source of motivation, kids will recreate rockets using paper rockets. This will help their mathematical and non-fiction comprehension skills.

4. Movement Card Game

We need to be physically healthy, so we must stay active to reduce a lot of stress and increase our mental health. The activity allows the game to make a movement card game that can involve everyone in the family to play.

This activity helps achieve early reading and build mathematical skills while you are also physically active.

5. Design Your Own Planet

The activity involves exactly what the name of the activity says it is. Our wild and creative imagination is one of the things that are needed in making beautiful inventions.

Here, the kids learn about the solar system and also help their creativity and scientific thinking.

Does Work With Google Classroom

Yes, now works with Google classroom. The Google Classroom integration was announced in 2019. So, as a teacher, you can basically set up classrooms, assign different materials to a class, or specifically for an assignment. is a beautiful supplement for your homeschooling kid. You can give it a shot.

Written by Laura Meza

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