Tips On How You Can You Join Army With Homeschooling 2021

Can You Join Army With Homeschooling

 Your homeschooling child loves to join the army and you are wondering if he or she will be able to join the army as a homeschooler. Does the army accept homeschoolers? Can you join the Army with homeschooling?

Your questions on joining the army through homeschooling will be answered in detail in this article. Let us get into it.

Can You Join The Army with Homeschooling?

Yes, you can join the army with homeschooling. The homeschooling children are not left out in being enlisted in the army. The fact that they schooled at home should not separate their opportunities from other students. 

The National Defense Authorization Act was adjusted, in the year 2012 and 2014, to allow homeschoolers to enlist in the army just like any other students from any other school.

The army has three tiers for their recruits, and each recruit belongs to one of the tiers.

Tier 1 

This tier is for recruits with a high school diploma or completed 15 credits of college. They must have had a minimum score of 31% on the ASVAB. This tier of recruits always has the chance to get first at open positions.

Tier 2

This set of recruits are just mostly about 5% of the accepted recruits, they have a GED/TASC. They must have had a minimum score of 50% on the ASVAB.

Tier 3

This set of recruits doesn’t have a high school diploma or GED/TASC. I should let you know that it is quite rare to be enrolled in the army as tier 3.

With this explanation, one can figure out that homeschoolers are not left out. A homeschooled graduate has gotten a high school diploma which is acceptable legally in the WV just like a high school diploma gotten in a private or public high school.

I should let you know that joining the army as a homeschooler comes with advantages. Just like other high school students, homeschoolers are given up to $40, 000 for enlisting to join the army. So, you can join the army with schooling.

How to Enroll in the Army as a Homeschooler

Here are necessary things for you to do for your homeschooling student or child to be successfully enrolled in the army. 

  1. Letter of intent

You will need a letter of intent to homeschool, as you live in the US. It is a necessity in some states in the US to homeschool but also allows enrolling as a private school student.

Whichever one, just make sure you can get proofs that you did one of the two. Also, if you registered your homeschooling student as a private schools student, it is suggested by HSLDA that you make it clear that your student was homeschooled to avoid any issues.

  1. Transcript 

All students with high school diplomas need to get transcripts and homeschooling students are not left out. You should ensure that you get a transcript for your homeschooled student to avoid any stress later on.

  1. Diploma 

This is highly important as GED candidates are no longer considered to be enrolled in the military. Make sure your homeschooled student or kid gets their diploma issued by parent/guardian, state, or the county.

  1. You need to be clear and specific

The military recruiters should know you as the parent or guardian who was in charge of the home education program to assure them that your kid received a good education from a trusted adult. If you made use of co-op in the process, it is also okay. Just make sure that you list their names somewhere on the transcript.

  1. Enlistment testing

All the students should and will write Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, a military enlightening test. Your kid just needs a passing score of 31% to be enlisted.

  1. Health and fitness

There is one of the things you should look out for when you’re preparing your child to join the army as a homeschooler.

Your teen is joining the army and you can be sure that his or her physical fitness and health will matter. There is a specific standard your child has to meet to be enlisted.


Now, it is obvious that your homeschooling kid is just as opportune as any other student to be able to join the military. If your kid wants to pursue going into the military, you can start making the plans to be well prepared.

Written by Laura Meza

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