Can you get Into College with Homeschooling?

can you go to college if homeschooled

Worried if your teenager will be able to make it to a good college through homeschooling? Are you a homeschool student looking forward to going to a good college? The process of applying to college for homeschoolers is not much different from traditional class students. Can you get into a good college with homeschooling?

Is homeschooling a limitation when trying to get admission into a good college? Here, you will find out more about homeschooling and gaining admission into good colleges.

Can You go to College if Homeschooled?

To your question:

You can make it into good colleges with homeschooling just like students who went traditional schooling. The number of homeschoolers is increasing daily, as there are over 2.3 million homeschoolers in the U.S. You can’t imagine that this large number of students will be sidetracked in getting admission into a good college because of their mode of education.

Colleges are not indifferent towards homeschoolers. Most times, their applications get better attention because of the skills and experience they have, which an average traditional school student might not have.

For your information, some colleges specifically show their interest in homeschoolers, like Harvard University, University of Southern California, College of Charleston, U.S Military Academy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, Duke University, Stanford University, etc.

According to CBS News, homeschoolers ended their first year with a better GPA than the rest of the classes, with their average being 3.46 to the rest of the class being 3.16. Homeschoolers also graduated at a higher rate than others.

can you still go to college if you're homeschooled

Tips on How to Apply to College as a Homeschooler

Applying for college admission as a homeschooler might be a little stressful, especially for parents. It is quite less stressful with a great guide. All you need is a guide on getting your homeschooled teenager into college.

Here is a list of things you need to prepare for your application to a college. Take note of them.

1. Your transcript and GPA are needed

Your GED or high school diploma is not needed. All that is needed is proof that the homeschool education was approved and it met all the requirements. This is just to assure that the homeschooled student got a good education. Transcripts and standardized test scores will also be checked.

2. Personal essays

You might need to write a personal essay when applying to colleges, and I believe this is an advantage for you as a homeschooled student. You can write about your life while being homeschooled, the things you learned while at home that you wouldn’t have if you were in a public school, that internship you did, the community services you gave so much effort, etc.  I believe that you have a great personal life with different experiences, besides academics, and this should be expressed in your essay.

3. Letter of recommendations

You may need to write 2-3 letters of recommendation. The content of the letter should be about your academics and your character in person. It might not be okay for your parents to be the ones to write your letters of recommendation. If your parent got the help of a co-op while you were being homeschooled, you can tell him/her to help you with the letter. A coach or a mentor can also be in a good place to help with this letter.

4. Standardized test scores

You should take SAT or ACT, and you can have both of them done. As a homeschooled student, the college you are applying to will most likely be very keen on your standardized testing scores.

5. A school report

I know you are wondering, a school report? A school report consists of the grades you had for each class. Since you were homeschooled, your parent will handle the school report. An average report consists of GPA and grading scale explanation, and any AP classes and test scores.

6. Input your extracurricular activities in your application

Homeschoolers are disadvantaged when it comes to communicating with other people due to the time they spend out. If you are involved in any extracurricular activities, make sure you put them down in your application. It can be sports, clubs, or any other thing that can show that you have a social life. If you have gotten an award, you can put that down too. All these will show that you have a social life.

You being a homeschooled student doesn’t reduce your chances of getting into a great college. You are just as opportune as a traditional school student. Follow the guide in this article while preparing for your college application. I wish you the best.

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