Can I Use Khan Academy For Homeschooling?

Can I Use Khan Academy For Homeschooling

Can I Use Khan Academy For Homeschooling – The Khan Academy is a very vital and essential tool worthwhile to homeschooled students with its extensive library and substantial learning materials that supports efficient learning.

It is a top-notch curriculum provider that aims to deliver an effective and quality education through productive resources that are free to access.

The Khan Academy is practically also capable of permitting students to learn at their convenient pace.

Also, students can learn wherever they may be learning from since it is a tutoring site turn academy that not only educates but also intended to provide you with tools you can work with for learning smoothly.

Can I Use Khan Academy For Homeschooling in 2021

Truly, you can use the Khan Academy for homeschooling since it contains a high-quality curriculum in which you can either turn to or just use as a supporting curriculum.

It happens to be a great mechanism for the students as it helps them watch videos over and over until they understand while giving tutors or parents control over their progress to keep track of their records.

Videos on this platform are worth over four thousand and do span across various subjects on the platform.

Now you know you can use the Khan Academy for homeschooling, but how can you use it to your advantage and effectively tutor your kids.

Pros of Using the Khan Academy for Homeschooling 

Below are the advantage of using Khan Academy for homeschooling;

1. Very Accessible and Free 

The main goal of the academy is to ensure everyone anywhere in the world has access to free and quality education.

Provided you have access to the internet and you have a smartphone, then the Khan Academy is easy to use, and access.

It is also free, and quite comprehensive giving you an option to learn at your own pace.

2. Robust and Inviting Interface

The layout page of Khan is very soothing, easy to navigate, and interesting to work with. This can provide students with an educational view that is easy to use and maneuver around without much difficulty.

3. Availability of Various Subjects 

This is very applicable and useful for parents who wish to homeschool their children. This sleek feature on Khan Academy can be of the utmost assistance to you as a parent or tutor as it stars various subject topics you can choose from to tutor your students.

And if they are old enough to handle the platform on their own, there are tons of interesting materials on the Khan Academy where they can learn from with available video contents that explain complexity to basics.

Cons of Using Khan Academy for Homeschooling

In the quest of learning and adjusting Khan Academy to work for your homeschooling style, there are some disadvantages your wards tend to get due to the use of the academy. Below are some listed drawbacks;

  • Your ward is only exposed to one instruction style
  • You lose the collective aspect of education
  • It lessens natural creativity
  • Some visual advancement will be good

Tips to Using the Khan Academy Effectively 

Irrespective of who you are, below are tips on how to get the best of Khan Academy for homeschooling:

Read on!

1. Be Around 

The Khan Academy is a very good platform for homeschooling students. Especially with its rich subject content and engaging videos that are appealing to the eye.

However, to ensure you are effectively using the Khan Academy, you must endeavor to always be around to look after things when the opposite may be falling into place.

Teenagers and younger children do have a much higher tendency to get easily distracted away from where their minds ought to be. But you should always be on the ground for correction or helping them out when they feel stuck.

2. Set Goals and Make Schedule 

Planning is a very useful attribute when it comes to organization. It helps reduce clutter and makes you feel like an achiever at the end of the day.

You as a homeschooling tutor can also put this into practice with the Khan Academy by creating a schedule on how you want your kids to work with the platform and for how long.

It will help keep you organized while preventing any form of forgetfulness that may want to occur.

And also for homeschooling, your main goal is to ensure your wards are well educated and academically sound.

Ensure you try and work towards that by either talking to experts on how to improve while also making researches on how well to improve homeschooling in your home.

3. Take a Break and Have Fun

Since students need recess from their work to cool off some stress, you as the tutor also need that to help boost efficiency.

And during their recess, you can also introduce interesting topics to them. The Khan Academy offers lessons they might not have learned before.

This serves as a chance to help keep them engaged and interested ensuring they are fit to keep on learning. They don’t necessarily need to be limited to some kind of play of any form. It is not advisable.

The Khan Academy is a very interesting platform to deal with, but ensure your wards are getting the most out of it.


One of the things about this platform is the tracking process feature, one great asset invaluable to your use as a tutor.

It is very effective and efficient as it tells you how your wards or students are progressing with their learning process.

Nevertheless, the Khan Academy proves to be a great and vital resource to use if you will ever be homeschooling. It is very recommendable to use and is worth the effort put into it in making it a free academy to learn.

Written by Laura Meza

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