Can I Learn Robotics on My Own? 7 Steps To Take Become Pro

Can I Learn Robotics on My Own

Can I Learn Robotics on My Own – There is only one person that can honestly answer the question of if you can learn robotics on your own, and that person is you.

I will do my best to answer that for you, but progress can not be made if you don’t sit down, search inwards and answer it yourself.

Yes, you can, that is and only if you’re ready to put in the work, the time necessary and related efforts into it.

Can I Learn Robotics on My Own? 7 Steps To Take Become Pro

You can not learn robotics if you are full of doubts, though to work with, see all challenges as colossal problems and not what they are. Challenges and challenges are meant to be overwhelmed. 

Learning is a process, and there are steps to it; here, I will outline a guide/ system that you can take on your way to robotics.

1. Learn The Basics

It is of the utmost importance that you do not in any way jump the gun, the learning process and start your learning journey from scratch, the basics. This would see you go down hard on STEM-related programs and courses. 

– Computer Science

Computers are robots, and robots are computers, so definitely background knowledge of computers, computing, and how they function is very important as most or all of your tasks will have to be run through a computer.

– Coding

Closely related but different from its near cousin programming. Coding means using the programming language to get the computer to behave as desired.

Codes here are the language(s) used by computers to understand our commands and, therefore, execute said requests.

Every line of the code is a set of instructions for the computer. A set of codes form a script, and a group of dozens of collections, create a program. 

– Electronic

Robots are electronic by form, function or otherwise, and so understanding electronics is a requirement nonetheless and going to prove invaluable.

– Physics

Heavy and sometimes intense calculations are going to be involved in your journey. They are essential as they help with accuracy, a feature that is required when in robotics.

– Linear Algebra

Linear algebra is a mathematical field that deals with vectors, metrics, and, more generally, vector spaces and linear transformations. We see its value in its many applications, from mathematical physics to modern algebra and, importantly, coding.

– Read Books

Reading up on the areas mentioned earlier, not just there but beyond, is a great way to prepare yourself and a step in the right direction.


2. Get Robotics Kits

Once you feel like you have expensed the basics, the next stage will get your kits, equipment, and tools used in learning.

As a beginner in robotics, you recommend that you go for a starter/ beginners/ learners pack. This is because they are crafted and prepared with a learner in mind, with specific features attached that ultimately aid and encourage learning and spur you on. 

Here is a link to another article where we have reviewed various beginner robotic kits available on Amazon. – The robotics kits listed are not only limited to adults but also kids who are looking to get started with robotics. 

Elegoo Project Smart Robot Car Kit, OSOYOO Robot Car Starter Kit, Yahboom UNO R3 Coding Robot Kit are robotics kits on Amazon you can get started with. They are not only affordable but also comes with an Instructional manual. 


3. Take Robotics Classes/Tutorial

Several institutions already offer robotics as a field on its own and subsequently a  course of study. A prominent example is Stanford where after which a degree is duly awarded.

Also, you can employ the services of private tutoring service—one where if by your choosing you are the sole student and put through the ropes of robotics.

Learning remotely online is another option and method open that many over time have made use of. Online learning can be conducted by academics or by independent institutions set up solely for this purpose.

4. Network

Networking is pretty much straightforward, and it is highly recommended that you seek out and reach out to others like yourself, peers.

Networking would give you the opportunity, amongst other things, to compare notes or rather bots, share and review learning methods.

Learn what works for the other person, and they, in turn, learn about you. This would enable you to see what works and what does not work from someone else’s perspective.

5. Competition

Competition, it has been said, aids and boosts learning. This will undoubtedly push you as well as spur you on.

When you look back at it, the entire scenario will be priceless less because, at that point, the thing you picked up and were able to do though subconsciously would be made bare to you, and you will look back on those periods fondly.

6. Take It A Step Further

Don’t just stop at the first hurdle once it has been scaled; surge ahead and go further, see how much and how far the learning process is and the distance you can go, go for it.

You can decide to pursue a second degree to the initial and already acquired one you have. By doing this, you open yourself up to several things.

You get to work with pretty much-advanced kits and work on or create bots above the beginners level, for starters. 

7. Learn From Experience

Any mistake being made today has probably been before by someone else, and the lessons are there to learn from. Thus, they will serve as a guide to you. 

Robotics is no different; there are several mistakes that one can make that have been made by someone else out there. That is why you have to invest time and effort into seeking these mistakes, understanding them not to repeat them.


So, Is it possible to robotics at home? Yes, it is possible to learn robotics at home. In “How Can I Learn Robotics at Home For Beginners“, we discuss extensively different robotics tools like Bevco 7001CR Series 7000 Polyurethane Black Class 10 (workbench), Neatfi XL Bifocals 1 200 Lumens Super-LED (Magnifier lamp), PanaVise 350 Multi-Purpose Work Center (work holding vice) e.t.c.I needed a beginner in robotics. 

However, self-learning robotics at home need a certain level of commitment and guardians you can’t get free resources; at that point, you might need to get premium courses on robotics on sites like Udemy. 

Written by Freida Dibbert

Freida Dibbert is a content writer at LearnCora. When she is not creating content for LearnCora, she can be found reading on latest updates in the education sector and use of technology in the classroom.

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