The 9 Benefits of Tablets In The Classroom in 2021

Benefits of Tablets In The Classroom

The benefits of tablets in the classroom can never be overemphasized. 

It is one device that can form lasting memories with the content shown through educational games, videos, or texts. This is one part of its flexibility that supports faster learning.

Learning from days past has got many students and teachers to go through the traditional way of writing on a board and copying. This can be a lot more tedious to achieve in this present generation.

Not too many can stay focused for a long time. Many have dyslexia and can find it very hard to read or write. Simultaneously, a whole lot will majorly prefer turning on their speech to text functionality or vice versa, rather than the old fashioned way. 

Tablets do play a significant role in assisting these students who are easily bored or has one form of impairment by showing contents that are easily remembered through the use of images, audios, or videos. And with this, a lot will be much thankful for its rich knowledge, easy accessibility, flexibility, and much-tailored curriculums.

Tablets also enrich learning and present traditional information in a much more creative and exciting manner. They will always also find a way of integrating kids or students with learning disabilities in with everyone else.

However, concerns are overusing these electronic devices in the classroom being a significant distraction. Others argue it is a very sophisticated and intelligent device that can revolutionize the educational space, while many are still skeptical about this.

Honestly, these concerns are very much justified, but the benefits of tablets in the classroom can not be overrated.

However, below are benefits tablets can offer students in the classroom.

The 9 Benefits of Tablets In The Classroom in 2021

The use of one to one technology in the classroom is a lot more beneficial, cost-effective, and a significant answer to different costly textbooks used within the same timeframe.

These gadgets are less expensive, thin, featherweight, and relatively easy to navigate through. They allow for direct communication from teachers to students and help tutors create customized assessments to be worked on by students.

These are a few of the advantages tablets bring to learning.

1. Easy To Use 

These devices have been thoroughly developed to suit human behavior. They are making it less challenging to scroll through content on the screen. These gadgets are so much easy to navigate through that very young kids can easily use and learn.

You don’t necessarily need to hunt and peck for keys on the keyboard as it is a lot different from computers or desktops due to its simplicity to use. This is advantageous to students, especially young ones, as they can learn through educational games and pictures on the web.

However, it is always required to subject little kids to a minimum of 30-40 minutes of learning every day using such devices.

2. Direct Communication

There is nothing more exciting and fun to do as a teacher than tracking his/her student’s progress all at once. This will be a bit tedious to do in the traditional world.

The digital world provides the learning space with an intimate connection between students and their tutors and their parents.

Typically, one of the significant reasons a student will lag is the lack of proper monitoring of grades and assessments are given.

But with technology now being implemented into the educational ecosystem, students’ progress and failures will be easily detected and looked into. Results can also be sent to parents to ensure proper handling.

Also, teachers can get in touch with students if schools are not in session. Through online chats, virtually connects, and emails, students can still go on with homework to do. Simultaneously, struggling kids can also be encouraged to double up efforts while strategizing plans to make such students better.

This strikes up a connection and prevents anyone from falling behind with the intimacy these devices allow.

3. Cost-effective 

Apart from being less expensive, textbooks nowadays are losing their fight on all fronts. 

Tablets are replacing textbooks, facilitating enhanced learning. They are always ready when you are and can also offer enhanced ebooks, which can include images, videos, audios, which is quite impossible to achieve in printed ones.

So since they are an improved way to show textbooks, they prove to be a brilliant investment since they pay off quite well. There is no hike in textbook prices, no damage problems, no revised or renewing of editions, and no concerns from textbooks providers.

They are just lightweight, smart, easily updated with the newest information, cheap, and consisting of thousands of textbooks all in one device. This is one benefit tablets can offer in the classroom.

Honestly, these tablets can be quite expensive to procure at first, but it’s worth the investments later on as they do help save tons of money.

4. Improving Computer Skills 

With the world now going mostly digital, there is a need for students to be equipped with necessary information literacy skills, which will have them not to worry much about finding jobs in the future. This will give them an edge over other job seekers later on.

Asides using tablets in learning, it can also help students with IT skills. There are various programs like Excel, and Word students can relate well to learning necessary computer skills.

Also, students can, later on, find passion and follow a career in the computing world.

Recent studies actually that the use of tablets improves computer capabilities and encourages independent thinking. And since tablets are much more portable, they provide more easiness with learning.

This is one explicit benefit tablets can offer students in the classroom.

5. Personal Approach 

This boils down to students with special needs. We are all created differently, and about learning, we learn at a very different pace. Technology has helped students with disabilities to appreciate electronic devices since they serve as an aid in understanding.

There are a lot of students with different learning disabilities. Using tablets, which comprises of pictures, videos, animated texts, or audios, will go a long way in engaging them since this is the main scope of education.

For some students with some visual or movement impairment, reading and listening in the classroom for more extended periods will be quite tedious to achieve.

Therefore, in a bid to help students with these disabilities, texts to speech functionality on tablets can help students stay engaged and also better their learning life. Tablets can help such students remain focused.

Also, teachers can engage with students on a one to one approach. Through online or virtual chats, emails also, dedicated teachers can detect students’ deficiencies and act fast to help such students.

6. Enabling Online Assessment 

Online tests, homework, and exams can be a lot more enhanced using tablets. Progress can be much measured, and loopholes detected.

Technology has found a way of being very useful in the educational sector by taking assessments from its common space online.

Due to its portability, the tablet’s usefulness in assessing students’ abilities on particular subjects is unique. It comes with fewer errors, and it’s pretty efficient.

They make communication more comfortable and help students understand questions asked better.

Not just hassle-free assessments alone but educational games that also have tons of fun activities that can be used to enhance learning and assess students. English Benchmark is one of such. 

These websites are very much good for students to use and be assessed.

These games and tests can be taken anytime, anywhere, with many having portals that allow teachers to monitor while also providing immediate feedback with reports of students’ performance.

And also, teachers’ work in grading is significantly reduced. This prompts tutors also to find unique teaching approaches to support learning since students assessment are becoming easier.

7. Helps Students With Faster Information

Information in this present age plays a significant role in every sector, including education. With information at the tip of our fingers, it only requires few clicks to access such pieces of information.

But with technology now finally being integrated into the educational world, students engage with learning to help them have good knowledge retention.

And since information can now be accessed at a high-speed rate, active participation and engagement can be very much increased. The use of tablets in the classroom will allow for individual learning while also encouraging collaboration among students.

This can help students know more and be knowledgeable about subjects that they might not be aware of. This is one benefit the usage of tablets brings to the educational sector.

8. Increased Focus and Motivation 

Schoolwork can be much more fun if the focus increase and the motivation to learn is activated in students. Tablets can do an outstanding job with this. 

The virtual world to a lot of people is one stimulating and exciting environment to explore. It is simulating the natural environment though with fancy graphics and stimulating at the same time for students who might not have enough morale to learn.

Indeed, not many students are moved with the normal traditional classroom setting many adults have gone through.

They want something exciting and which does not get easily bored. Tablets can help provide different forms of learning content and, as a result, can significantly raise students’ motivation by a more significant percentage.

This can help the student understand better while making learning fun. Read our reviews of best pen tablet for online teaching.


Though there are, of course, concerns of how technology can majorly be a distraction for students and adversely affect their learning schedules mainly and also their attention duration.

These are benefits the usage of technological devices like iPads and tablets can foster students’ education.

Are you aware of other benefits available to students or even the distractions the use of tablets in the classroom can create? Kindly make use of the comment box to express your thoughts?

Written by Freida Dibbert

Freida Dibbert is a content writer at LearnCora. When she is not creating content for LearnCora, she can be found reading on latest updates in the education sector and use of technology in the classroom.

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