Are Spectrum Books Good For Homeschooling? Homeschooling Guide

Are Spectrum Books Good For Homeschooling

Are you a stay-at-home mother or father homeschooling his or her child? You want to decide on the textbook to use for your kid and you are considering if spectrum books are good enough to help your kid. Are spectrum books good for homeschooling?

The books used for homeschooling kids matter in how well they learn and understand things fast, hence the need to make a good choice of books. 

You are just at the right place to be, I will be reviewing and showing if spectrum books are worth being used for homeschooling. Here we go.

Are Spectrum Books Good for Homeschooling?

Spectrum book is known to be in use for about 15 years now. It is an arm of Carson-Dellosa Publishing Group established about 38 years ago. Their books cover different subjects of study like Mathematics, Early Childhood Reading & Language Arts, Social Studies, Social Studies, and Testing. You need to know that there aren’t books for all the grades.

The exercises in the textbook are available for homeschoolers to help them master the subject of study with so much ease. A lot of value comes with spectrum books, which was also confirmed by various homeschooling mothers that have tried it out.

So, if you are wondering if you can give it a trial for your kid, yes you can. Before buying all the subjects you need, you can start with one of the workbooks to see how good the books are, for you. Spectrum books are great for homeschooling kids.

List of Spectrum Workbooks for Homeschooling

Here is a list of 10 spectrum workbooks that you can get for homeschooling your kid. 

Spectrum Grade 1 Math and Language Arts Workbook

This workbook is specific to grade 1 homeschooler for mathematics and language arts. The 320-page workbook is designed to help your kid to learn mathematics easily and have a firm understanding of the concepts of language arts which consists of addition and subtraction of numbers to 100, measurements, parts of speech, capitalization and punctuation, reading comprehensive passage, etc.

Students learn using easy-to-understand examples and test their knowledge with the exercises available in the textbook.

Spectrum 5th Grade Math Workbook

The book is specific to 5th-grade students to help your kid to master mathematics at this level. The workbook is an engaging one that covers different topics like fractions and decimals, perimeter, area and volume, classifying geometric figures, algebra, and graphing on a coordinate plane. There are examples in the workbook that will aid the understanding of these topics coupled with series of tests. 

Spectrum 2nd Grade Spelling Workbook

This book is focused on improving the spelling skills and builds the vocabulary of your kid. It covers topics like contractions, vowel sounds, compound words, words ending with, homonyms, etc. There are different activities designed with the workbook to make the learning process more engaging and fun for kids. This includes word scramble and puzzles, brainteasers, fill-in-the-gap, etc. 

Spectrum Language Arts Workbook for Kindergarten

This language art workbook is designed for kindergarten for basic grammar lessons. It includes exercises to help kindergarten build their language skill. There are different lessons in the workbook with fun and engaging exercises to help the kindergarten understand the topics in the curriculum. The topics include alphabets, part of speech, usage of grammar, capitalization, and punctuations, etc. 

Spectrum Grade 4 Science Workbook

 A spectrum science workbook for fourth graders designed to equip students with scientific knowledge that revolves around scientific method, physical life, earth and space science, etc.  Accompanying each lesson are fun activities for practice. There are also research extension activities and series of tests for practice to ensure that the kids understand all.

Spectrum Grade 4 Language Arts

This workbook covers a wide range of topics on language arts including parts of speech, grammar sentence structure, punctuation, etc. There are loads of practice and open-ended writing activities just to aid the kids’ understanding of the subject.

Spectrum Second Grade Math Workbook

It covers topics including addition and subtraction of 3 and 3-digit numbers, components of 3D shapes, fractions, measurements, etc. The lessons are progressive and designed with exercises and a series of tests to test the students’ understanding of each of the topics. There are series of tests like pretests, post-tests, mid-tests, and final tests.

Spectrum Grade 7 Language Arts Workbook

This workbook is crafted to aid your kid in writing, speaking, reading, and communicate better with clarity. Communication is important in all aspects of life. The workbook covers topics like writing mechanics, speech, vocabulary acquisition, etc. Just like other workbooks, it contains exercises and activities to help the student master the core of the subject.

Note: All these workbooks have answer keys

Spectrum books are great for homeschoolers. It will be a great choice to decide to use spectrum textbooks for your kids.

Written by Laura Meza

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