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10 Free Universities in Norway for International Students

Norway may be one of the most costly nations to visit, yet all pupils, regardless of citizenship, are entitled to free public education. Norway is progressively building a name for itself, despite the fact that it isn’t as well-known as other learning locations. Currently, Norway has about 9,500 international degree-seeking students, with the number projected to grow in the next years. In this article, I will be introducing 10 universities which offers great benefits.

Free Universities in Norway

1. University of Bergen

The University of Bergen, sometimes known as UiB, is a Norwegian public free university located in Bergen. It was established in 1946 and presently has over 14,000 students, with 13% coming from outside the country. UiB offers degree programs in Fine Art & Music, Humanities, Law, Mathematics & Natural Science, Medicine, Psychology, and Social Science. The university is recognized as the second finest in the country. It is ranked 85th in terms of impact and is in the range of 201-250 globally. UiB is a publicly funded university in Norway, and it is one of many that offer free education to all students, regardless of citizenship. Enrollees, on the other hand, simply have to pay a minimal semester fee of NOK 590 (about $65) to assist the Student Welfare Organization.

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2. The Arctic University of Norway

The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) is the world’s northernmost educational institution, located in Troms. It was founded in 1972 and now offers degrees in health science, science and technology, humanities and education, bioscience and fisheries, fine arts, law, and sports and social work.

UiT is Norway’s third-best university, and one of the world’s best young universities. This free university in Norway is also the country’s sixth-largest, with over 14,000 students, 11 percent of them are foreigners. Students (excluding those on exchange status) only have to pay a basic semestral fee of NOK 625 ($73) at tuition-free UiT. This includes procedures such as registration, examinations, student cards, counseling, and membership in student organizations. The student is also entitled to a discount on public transportation and other cultural activities.

3. Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, or NTNU, was founded in 1760 and now has campuses in Trondheim, Gjvik, and Lesund. While Norway’s top three university is known for its engineering and information technology programs, it also offers courses in natural sciences, architecture and design, economics, management, medicine, health science, social science, humanities, and education.

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NTNU does not charge a tuition fee because it is one of Norway’s publicly supported educational institutions. Foreign students, who make up 8% of the school’s 36,000+ students, must pay a semester fee of NOK 580 ($68) every semester. This includes both student welfare services and support for student organizations.

4. Norwegian University of Life Sciences

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) is a non-profit public university in As, Norway. The Norwegian Agriculture Postgraduate College was founded in 1859 and became a university college in 1897. It finally became a full-fledged university in 2005. Biosciences, Chemistry, Food Science, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management, Landscaping, Economics, Business, Science, Technology, and Veterinary Medicine are among the degrees offered by Norway’s fifth-best university.

With almost 5,800 students, NMBU has one of Norway’s lowest enrollment rates. It does, however, have the greatest percentage of international students (20%). All of these students are tuition-free at NMBU, albeit they must pay a minor semester fee of NOK 470 ($55) to the institution. This is responsible for a variety of student perks and services, as well as a variety of other initiatives.

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5. University of Agder

The Institution of Agder (UiA) is a public university that was established in 2007. It was formerly known as Agder University College, and it first opened its doors in 1994. It presently has campuses in Kristiansand and Grimstad. The Schools/Faculties of Business & Law, Social Science, Fine Arts, Health & Sports Science, Humanities & Education, Engineering & Science, and Teacher Education enroll around 11,000+ local and foreign students.

This Norwegian institution offers free tuition and is actively involved in research in subjects such as artificial intelligence, signal processing, European studies, and gender studies, among others. At UiA, all students are excused from having to pay tuition. Full-time degree-seeking students, on the other hand, must pay a semester fee of NOK 800 ($93). Accommodation (NOK 3200 or $373 per month), textbooks (up to NOK 3500 or $409), and transportation (NOK 520 or $60) are just a few of the expenditures connected with studying at UiA.

6. Nord University

Nord University is a state university located in the nations of Nordland and Trndelag, and was formed in 2016. It features satellite campuses in Steinkjer, Mo I Rana, Namsos, Sandnessjen, Nesna, Stjrdal, and Vesterlen, as well as a major campus in Bod and Levanger. There are 11,000 local and foreign students studying Biosciences & Aquaculture, Education & Arts, Nursing & Health Science, Social Science, and Business at these sites. Nord University, like many other state universities, is a publicly sponsored institution that is free to attend.

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International students, on the other hand, must pay a semestral charge of NOK 725 (about $85). This includes both administrative costs and contributions to various student groups. In order to enroll at Nord, international students must additionally show proof of their financial ability. The current fee for a year of study at the university is NOK 123,519 (about $14,432).

7. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, or HVL for short, is a public educational institution that was founded in 2017. It was formed by the amalgamation of five institutions, resulting in five campuses in Bergen, Stord, Haugesund, Sogndal, and Frde. HVL presently provides undergraduate and graduate courses in Education & Arts, Engineering & Science, Health & Social Science, and Business Administration to its 16,000+ local and international students. It also has a diving school and research facilities dedicated to Evidence-Based Practice, Education, Health, Kindergarten Knowledge, Food, and Maritime Activity. While HVL does not charge tuition, there is a minor fee that must be paid each semester. You may also be required to pay additional costs for excursions, field trips, and other activities, depending on the course. In terms of living expenses, an international student at HVL will need to budget around NOK 10,000 ($1,168) each month.

8. University of South-Eastern Norway

The University of South-Eastern Norway, or USN, is one of Norway’s newest public institutions. Following the continuance of the university colleges of Telemark, Buskerud, and Vestfold, this free university in Norway for foreign students was formed in 2018. USN now has campuses in Horten, Kongsberg, Drammen, Rauland, Notoden, Porsgrunn, Telemark, B, and Hnefoss as a result of the merger. More than 17,000 students, both local and international, are enrolled in programs in health and social sciences, humanities and education, business, and technology and maritime sciences.

Despite the lack of tuition, USN students must pay a statutory semestral fee of NOK 929 ($108) every semester. This includes the costs of running a student group, as well as printing and copying. A SAIH charge of NOK 40 (about $5) is also included, although it is an optional cost. Outside of the semestral payment, postgraduate students may be charged extra fees.

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9. Oslo Metropolitan University

Oslo Metropolitan University, sometimes known as OsloMet, is one of Norway’s newest institutions. It was just formed in 2018 as a result of the amalgamation of many institutions in Greater Oslo. The university serves both the Oslo and Akershus areas, despite its name. The university’s Faculties of Health Science, Education & Information Science, Social Science, and Technology & Design are home to almost 20,000 local and international students. The majority of these courses are presented in Norwegian, although some are also available in French, German, and English.

For international students, studying at OsloMet is completely free, as it is at most Norwegian public institutions. Enrollees should expect to pay a semestral fee of NOK 600 ($70). This contributes to the funding of student welfare programs. Every semester, there is additionally a NOK 220 ($25) copy charge that must be paid. A voluntary donation to the SAIH in the amount of NOK 40 ($5) can be subtracted from the total payables.

10. Østfold University College

In 1994, stfold University College, one of Norway’s free colleges for international students, was established in Viken County, Norway. Its Frederikstad and Halsen campuses now have a total of 7,000 students enrolled. In the subjects of business, social science, foreign language, computer science, education, engineering, health science, and theatre studies, Hi provides Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and certain PhDs. Like most publicly-funded institutions, it offers free education. Students just have to pay a nominal semestral fee of NOK 600 ($70) every semester. The cost of living in Frederikstad is also lower than in most Norwegian cities, with Hi students paying around NOK 4,500 (around $525) per month for housing.


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